Nurses are the primary caregivers in many of these homes. It is so because they play a dynamic role in the caring for our loved ones though have tight schedules. They are equipped with latest skills essential in psychiatry, pediatrics, labor, as many schools are now equipping these skills in most learning institutions ensuring nurses are prepared with the right skills after completion. Nurses who enroll in this program require to have completed and passed their national licensing exam before they can begin working. Having your elderly or patient living there comes with some benefits: –


A lot of these facilities offer safety to their patients ensuring that they do not involve themselves in dangerous activities.


All the staff working are always on standby twenty-four hours seven days a week. This ensures a smooth transition if an emergency arises.


Many nursing homes in the states offer patients the option of choosing their own furniture or rooms at their own liking.


Nursing homes provide patients with regular meals that are rich in nutrition for good quality healthcare.


A lot of families who take their loved ones to these facilities often are worry-free as they are rest assured knowing that patients or parents are not lonely and that there are people looking after them.

Nursing homes date back in the seventeenth century when the English settlers arrived in the states. They were previously known as almshouses or poorhouses because they were mostly associated with the poor orphans, elderly and mentally ill patients who neither had a place to sleep nor eat.

Many Americans desire to have their parents in these facilities but the costs are usually high to bear with. To some families, these costs can cripple a family that did not undertake future planning. It is vital to plan for services as early as possible to meet your future expenses.

The average cost for a private nursing home room in the year 2016 cost around $92,376 annually which has risen to a high of $140,416 annually in the year 2017. Looking at the stated figures, health costs are expensive and shows to have an upward trend on a yearly basis. It is important to note that costs also vary from person to person i.e. depending on the age, the geographical area he or she stays in, the costs per day etc.

According to a new study, the United States ranks eighth in the world that looks after the wellbeing and welfare of people between the ages of sixty – five and above. In the study, Sweden ranks first followed by Norway then Germany whereas Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tanzania are at the bottom of the list. The report conducted by the United Nations Population Fund and the HelpAge International group advocates for policies in support for the elderly people.

Great countries value their capacity of the elderly by having them to have the capacity to work. Many elderly people love to remain self-sufficient since, with most countries, they face a lot of discrimination and have a harder time getting to getting information to be competent members of the workforce.