3 Simple Test Taking Tips

1. Cross Off Answers

I know this is pretty simple but it is still very effective. If you have 4 available answers on a multiple choice question and you know 1 or 2 of the answers are incorrect then cross them off. It lets your brain focus on the possible answers and pushes the impossible ones out. Also if you end up guessing on the question it gets you a better chance of guessing it correctly!

2. Create a Structure/Argument

Those dreaded essay questions can be awful. There are a few ways to make them easier though. First off you need to find what your argument is. Once you have your argument you will be able to get the supporting details and the structure of the essay. Once the argument is in place create a structure around the argument. Make sure to plan out your points. This will help you so that you don’t get stuck on a point in your essay.

3. Look Back At Questions

One thing I have noticed in my many years of test taking is that sometimes a professor will add a multiple choice question that has an answer already in it! What I mean is you had a previous question that you can answer from the details in another. Always pay attention to how the question was written. It can give away an answer to a previous question.

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