What exactly medical checkup and what is involved in it?

A general health check-up with your doctor allows your doctor take some routine medical tests on you in order to detect early any issues that may be affecting your health or has the potential of giving you medical issues soon or in the nearest future. Early detection of these issues could mean a lot in treating or preventing it. a typical checkup may include asking questions about your family history, a blood pressure check, an eye check, ear check, dental checkup, cholesterol check, blood sugar level check, breast and prostate cancer screening, a chest x-ray (if you are a heavy smoker), e.t.c.


#1: Prevention is better than Cure

Just as the old saying that “Prevention is better than cure”, a regular check is a cheap way of preventing serious health issues around the corner. It helps doctors diagnose potentially serious health issue early enough when it could still be easily treated or prevented before such issue becomes a serious medical problem. During this time as well, your doctor will be able to give you useful medical advice and tells you some potential signs and symptoms to watch out for.

#2: It Could Mean Lesser Healthcare Costs

Today, the overwhelming huge bill of doctors is sufficient to keep us away from having our health regularly checked. However, regular medical checkup could help you save a whole lot of money in the long run. This is because it helps you reduce the risk of surgery or any other serious medical care in the future as well reduces the risk of potential health ailments that could be life-threatening.

#3: Lifestyle and Family History

Indeed, you may be trying everything you could to make sure you live healthily, but at the same time, you may not be able to totally rule out the role your genes and your environment play in ensuring that. Environmental factors such as pollution and exposure to certain diseases may look like obvious factors, but regardless of your lifestyle, your family history is also another thing to consider in the bid to make sure you stay healthy. These, amongst many other things, are what your doctor looks out for during checkups.

#4: Stress-Related Problems

It’s been discovered that many of the medical issues we encounter today are directly related to our stress levels as increased stress levels have the potential to cause series of severe mental and physical problems like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, mental disorders, e.t.c. All these can be diagnosed early in a medical checkup before they result in a serious and severe health problem. A checkup also helps you get appropriate medical advice needed to rightly manage and combat stress-related illnesses.

#5: Get It for Your Loved Ones and Yourself

Take charge of your health today and let your body thank you latter for that. Your health is surely everything to you as it has the potential to ruin not only your day-to-day life but could also go as far as affecting your happiness and that of your loved ones. So, it is a wise decision to consider yourself and your loved ones by getting a regular check on your health

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