Tuition pressures are mounting for today’s post-secondary students. As stated in an article by Radio Canada International, nearly half of the post-secondary students in Canada are worried that they won’t be able to pay for the tuition and living expenses for the upcoming school year. This figure comes from a survey conducted by CIBC.

Many parents cannot afford to cover their children’s school expenses, or they can only cover part of them. Parents expect that all or part of the financial burden will be covered by their children working part-time jobs, and by taking out a bank or government loan if need be.

According to the same survey, most students expect to pay between $10,000 and $30,000 for school and personal expenses this year. Furthermore, the financial help students expect to get from their parents is less than the year before. This year, students expect parents to cover 22 percent of their school related expenses, down from 33 percent last year.

The key realization here is that more and more students will have to take on part-time jobs to meet their financial obligations, and they will have to do this while handling a course load. Time, as much as money, is a key consideration students must face while going through post-secondary education. They need money to pay for their school related expenses, often accomplished by taking on part-time jobs, and they also need enough time in which to do these jobs, as well as complete their coursework. It is conceivable to find ways to make more money, but time is a finite resource – you can’t make more of that.

Students can spend the necessary time they need to finish their coursework, but as a result they might not be able to work as much at a job to make the money they need; which can lead them to a bad place. Alternatively, they can spend more time working at a job to make the money they need, but as a result they might not be able to complete all their coursework. This can also lead them to a bad place – but in this case there is a solution, and that is having a company like Homework Help Canada help you out with your coursework. We help you out with your coursework needs so that you have more time to work and make the money you need to pay for your school expenses, all while making the grade. Check out our testimonials to get a better idea of our return and referral clients.

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When writing an essay, there are certain rules, and, it is believed in academic circles that they should be observed in order to achieve success. One of the principal rules is to produce original, individualised, and especially non-plagiarized work. Very often an essay is based on a critique or analysis of the existing published works and ideas and used for the purpose of building or strengthening own arguments or position. However, this just means that ideas are simply copied or given a different spin.

Creating an original and unique work obviously requires more effort. One approach is to avoid broad and generalized topics and focus on narrow, more specific subjects which can be defined after completing preliminary research to get an idea about what has already been written on the topic, and avoid reiterating the findings. The reasons for this lies in the simple fact that whoever reads the work can distinguish it from a number of others who also tackle the same subject, and gives them a reason for wanting to read it through, and possibly to learn something from it, or, at least, challenge their previous notions. At a recent Conference on Plagiarism in Prague, it has been discussed that the originality of the final work is generally based on individual ability to explain the topic and construct distinctive arguments, without being influenced by the prevailing literature, and especially repurposing it.

In an original work, the writer relies less on paraphrasing of previously published ideas, and in particular, minimally relying on the use of direct quotations. Being original in using own words, and especially proposing new ideas or fresh angles of looking at the issue is what truly makes the work stand out. However, still using some background material proves that the work is factual and that it respects the previously completed research, so attention should be paid on using a sufficient number of sources. At Homework Help Canada we strictly condone plagiarism and

Finally, if the work is copacetic, the arguments will have been proven and they will have reinforced the thesis. Experts at Homework Help Canada strive to complete all your academic  in an excellent order and help you with the submission of an original work that will be distinguished from the rest. Our writers conduct thorough research that they base their facts on, however they love to write from scratch and form their own arguments. Their creativity and resourcefulness knows no bounds!

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Biologists study life. Athletes train to compete in physical activity. Writers write. We all have our own individual talents, passions, and qualifications. For some, our strengths in one field might be lacking, but this should not stop us from succeeding in whatever we choose to pursue. A university student studying for a chemistry degree, for example, is brilliant at solving chemical equations and writing formulas, but writing essays for that required English course? That’s not exactly where they shine.

Obtaining a non-arts undergraduate degree at a Canadian university still requires a certain amount of Arts credits—usually around twelve credit hours in the humanities, social sciences, or languages. For students focussed on a Bachelor of Science or a Business degree, fulfilling twelve credits in an apparent “irrelevant” discipline may seem like a waste of time but, nevertheless, these are still the degree requirements established by the university.

It takes time and motivation to write a good essay, but some students do not always have enough of either to complete all the assignments they receive. Work gets in the way, life gets in the way; it is most likely that the essay you aren’t passionate about gets pushed to the side, neglected, or rushed just to meet a deadline.

Rather than face the stress and frustration of fumbling through unfamiliar research or trying to decipher another Shakespeare play, students should consider some assistance from a professional writer—from one of our talented writers at Homework Help Canada who are up to the task. We have educated and experienced professionals who love to create, write, and produce quality written work so that you can concentrate on solving those chemical formulas or getting to team practice. Let us do what we are good at so that you can focus on what really drives you.

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There are times when you want to work on something but just do not feel up to it. You had planned to work on it. You set aside time to work on it. But now that it’s in front of you, you feel like doing anything but. Now, you could just plow through it anyway, regardless if it feels like you’re walking through molasses. And it’s not like you haven’t done this sort of thing before. You have, so it’s very possible, and yet that does not make it any easier.

But here’s an idea. Just do something else. Chances are there’s something else you can work on, something which you feel more like doing. So just do that instead. Assuming that what you had planned to do is not due the next day, you just do something else instead. And when you’re done that particular task you can go back to what you had planned to do originally. Chances are that you will be more motivated to do it then.

Lacking motivation is often a purely psychological issue. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lazy, as explained in this article on Psychology Today. Having something else to work on (a plan B) is just a way to cope. The interesting thing is that once you start working on your plan B task you might immediately start feeling motivated to work on your original task, especially if the plan B task is more tedious. Yes, human psychology is funny sometimes. But figuring out your own psychology is important to get you through those tough times when you don’t feel like doing something. Think of it as a psychological management strategy, which goes hand-in-hand with time management strategy. Both are important whether you’re a student or a working professional.

Part of your psychological and time management strategy can include getting outside assistance. The time management aspect is easy to understand. If someone else is doing part of your work for you, that frees up some of your time. But in the psychological sense, how does outside assistance help? For starters it can lower your stress level. You can more comfortably work on other things knowing that part of your workload is being taken care of by someone else. And also, you know you don’t have to start from scratch, which is also a psychological benefit. Someone else working on an assignment for you gives you something to work with, modify, or leave as-is. Having these options available to you will give you a big piece of mind.

At Homework Help Canada, we can help you with all of this, whether you want to free up some time to work on other things, or you want to have something ready-made which you can work with and modify, if desired, to suit your particular style. Either way, we got you covered. Have a look at our services and see what we can do for you today.

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Lately in the news there has been a lot of debate on the subject of intellectual property, how it is defined, and how it can be protected, detected, measured, and proven.

Intellectual property refers to any creative action that involves an idea which is borne out of human potential. Unlike actual property, such as real estate or material possessions, intellectual property is not physical, but it does have all the other characteristics that are the same:
– it belongs to someone/ someone possesses it,
– it can be purchased,
– it can be sold,
– it can be licensed for the right,
– it can otherwise be given to another for use under certain conditions,
– it can be traded, gifted, and inherited,
– and it should be valued as such!

The full human intellectual work, which is considered a creative or conceptual realization of an idea belongs to the creator. With the owner’s authorization or approval it can be further worked on or developed as found suitable.

In business terms, intellectual property is an asset whose successful use can be a valuable contribution to the foundation of a project or a business.

Experts at Homework Help Canada are very meticulous about intellectual property rights, and value its full extent, in both academic and business endeavours. Clients can trust our experts to never underestimate or trivialize its potential in any degree. This is why we have a strict policy against plagiarism, our writers understand the importance of the originality of the work, and they work to help identify and protect solutions to problems, new ideas, trademarks, services and any copyright and related rights.

Our writers know that, in order to protect this type of an asset, which is not like the physical assets, requires legal instruments to safeguard it from unauthorized uses, and are well versed in those regulations. Knowing the amount of intellectual resources and means that go into creating original works makes us value it and adhere to the principles and rights that respect it.

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