IT in small business

In a small business, information technology plays differing roles. Each role may require a complete set of technology. However, in most cases almost all roles can be handled by a single integrated informational technology. Some of the major functions played by information technology are described below

Small business is able to use the information technologies to advertise their products through the internet. The internet has a wider reach of potential and existing customers than the traditional brick and mortar enterprises. Small business can easily growth and expand their business using the internet to advertise and offer their products at a lower costs through the internet (Nguyen, Newby and Macaulay). The intent also offers the small business an opportunity to reach out to the entire globe and make a larger number of people aware of their products in the most effective and convenient way.

The e-commerce platform has become a major area where small business can compete with the already established large business. Information technology is at the core of the e-commerce. Small business can use the various information technologies effectively utilize the e-commerce platform. Some of the commonly used technologies that a small business can use. Include integrated websites and other business software that handle different aspects of the e-commerce platforms (Schubert and Leimstoll). These technologies are integrated in a way that makes it easier for the business to interact with their customers promptly and manage the inventories, finances and the human resource need of the small business with great ease.

One of the major function of the information technology is in the line of communication. There are various communicational platforms for a small business to use. This application includes emails, cellular phones as well as the web cameras. Emails make it easier for the small business to share information with its stakeholder in an easier and faster way. The small business can also receive and send important information and documents over the emails. The cellular phones are a major invention that allows small businesses to reach and reachable at any time of the day from any location on the globe (Passerini, El Tarabishy and Patten). The cellular phones have integrated features such as emails, internet. Messaging and voice capabilities that give the small business owner and the employees ability to conduct business transactions from any location with great ease.

The information technology is an integral element of successful small businesses as it allows such enterprises to access, store Retrieve and share information with great ease, higher reliability and conveniently. Information technology allows the small business to interact with a larger. Customer base and its employees faster and in a cheaper way. Small businesses are able to advertise their products and manage their transaction better when they rely on information technology.

The small businesses must consider several important aspects when making a choice of the information technology to use. Some of the factors to consider include the size of the business, which depends on the transactional volumes, the number of employees, as well as the complexity of the volumes. The intended use of the information technology of the small business is also important. Additionally, the availability of resources in the locale of the small business is an important element to consider.

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