Working hours favor people differently. There are those who work best at night, and others who do their best work at the crack of dawn. The same way others can catch a nap on any afternoon, and those who find it hard to sleep while the sun is out. We are different people; therefore, our preferences are different.

The schedules for the day and shift are shared with the nurses and most of the time, they pick their own shifts. Prioritizing the times and dates that work best for them. Therefore, no nurse should be paid more than the other except when covering an extra shift, working overtime or they simply have better qualifications. In such a case it is based purely on merit.

During this time, it is justifiable to pay more but not become of the time of day. In addition to that, nurses receiving training on how to respond to shifts and workplace etiquette. Before signing up for the job they are aware of the working conditions and agree to them without duress. This makes it easier for the employers when nurses are expected to cover the night shift, and it is not an excuse to ask for more pay. Although, you can ask for a change in your shift or negotiate with a co-worker to suit your needs.

When it comes to working the night shift, a balance needs to be established so that nurses do not also experience burn out. It is good to balance because it also establishes a work-life balance. A parent is able to take their kids to school, nurses can also enjoy social activities during the day. Attend festivals, visit friends and family.

Maintaining a routine, whether it’s the day or night shift it is good to maintain it because it will help you establish a good sleeping routine and keep you healthy. When you maintain a daily schedule your body also adjusted to your night shift routine. Sometimes the night shift can come with its disadvantages. You may find yourself drinking too much coffee, or binge eating and binge-watching as patients sleep. This is an unhealthy lifestyle, and this kind of activity or lack thereof can lead to the shift work sleep disorder.

When you do work that is detrimental to your health, it is good to address it before it becomes worse but better to avoid it altogether. Therefore, when choosing the night shift, it is good to make sure that it aligns with your health goals to be able to perform your job well. Sometimes you work in a role that costs you more than the job. Overworking, or working in a role that costs you your health, it may be better not to take the job at all.

When you are a daytime worker it is easy to take sleep for granted and sleep later each night only to wake up tired. Fatigue is a problem at work. When you are fatigued you cannot work properly because your body is not at its prime level. It may also lead to other health issues because fatigue can, in fact, become a medical issue if you do not remedy the problem through sleep and better self-care. When working rotating shifts, be sure to make it constant as well. This allows your mind and body to get used to the routine and adapt accordingly.

The working hours of a nurse typically run between 36-40 hours a week. On average an American registered nurse earns about $32 an hour with a median annual income of about $67,000. Meaning per week they receive about $1000. It can be a rewarding career if done the right way. Hospitals do offer nurses pay for overtime, or as a bonus. During overtime hours, the pay per hour is higher and for those who are eager to make more, this is a good opportunity. This is the only time when it should qualify when done responsibly.

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