Many people suffer some bloating once in a while. Most times, bloating is merely a slight discomfort and slight nuisance that does not cause alarm especially when the cause is apparent such as after over-indulgence in a food or drink.

The cause of bloating can be a small issue such as lactose intolerance or slow digestion of a high-carb diet. Familiarity with signs and symptoms of bloating is essential in determining when it is severe and an indicator of the need for medical attention. The reason is that bloating at times could be a sign of severe disease such as stomach cancer.

Most times, you can manage bloating with home remedies. It is essential to go for a medical examination if you notice that bloating accompanies these signs and symptoms that show the likelihood of serious condition.


Sudden bloating with severe pain in the abdomen, nausea, and vomiting could be a sign of a significant bowel obstruction. The cause of obstruction can be a tumor that is big enough to press on the bowel or scar tissue. The right decision is to seek medical attention quickly to avoid further complications such as bowel perforation which can cause death. Obstructions cause severe pain by making the bowel above the blocked section to stretch when it fills with food and the digestive juices. The intense pain is more likely to occur in waves because it happens when the bowel make an effort to push the content past the obstruction.

Painful bowels during bloating could also be a symptom of Crohn’s disease an autoimmune disease that affects the small and large intestine. It makes the intestinal walls to narrow often leading to painful bowel obstruction. It usually shows other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, joint pain, mouth ulcers and skin lesions.

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Losing weight is one of the primary warning signs that the bloating is serious. If bloating causes the loss of several pounds without any definite cause such as a new exercise regimen or change in diet, it should be a cause of concern more so when the lost weight reaches 10 percent of the overall body weight. The cause of weight loss could be tumors that firmly press on the intestines to cause a feeling of fullness after taking just a small helping of food. Tumors can also secrete substances that cause bloating and suppress appetite.


Ascites is an abnormal buildup of fluids on pelvis or abdomen. In addition to bloating, this built up causes a rapid expansion of the waistline and weight gain. The liver disease is usually the cause of ascites although nowadays, cancer is contributing up to 10 percent of the cases. It can cause a significant amount of amount to the extent of making someone feel and look pregnant for several months. If jaundice that turns the skin and eye yellow occurs during bloating, it could be a sign of cancer that is spreading to the liver. Jaundice can also occur due to a mild form of liver disease like hepatitis.


Fever that occurs together with bloating usually is due to an inflammation or infection. If the symptoms also include a higher count of white blood cells, it is essential to visit a doctor to diagnose the disease and its location. An infection that causes fever could be in the pelvis, gastrointestinal or urinary tract.


Blood in the stool or vaginal bleeding in between menstrual cycle or after menopause are signs of serious bloating. Most of the time, they are a sign of irregular periods, hemorrhoids, endometrial atrophy or fibroids which are easy to treat. Nevertheless, any sign of bleeding requires evaluation by a specialist as it could be a sign of colon or uterine cancer.

Any bloating with more signs and symptoms than a slight discomfort due to gas in the stomach require examination by a doctor.



Body nerve endings
Nervous system
The brain
The body has numerous nerve endings in the tissues and skin. Some of the nerve endings can sense pain like that caused by a knock on the body part or burns. When something causes injuries or damages the body cells, they release chemicals known as prostaglandins.

These specialized nerve endings sense pain and are extremely sensitive to prostaglandins. When the cells release this chemical, the nerve endings respond by picking up the injury messages and resulting pain and transmitting it to the brain through the nervous system.

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They ‘inform’ the brain everything concerning the pain like the location and the extent to which it hurts for it to act. Painkilling drugs interfere with the messages in the brain, at the site of injury or in the spinal cord.


A pain reliever such a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like ibuprofen prevents the cells from making and releasing prostaglandin after injury or damage to signal pain. When the cells fail to release the chemical, the brain will not receive the pain message quickly or clearly. The pain will become less severe or stop after some time if the cells do not release the chemical. Painkilling medicine like paracetamol (Acetaminophen in North America) works in the brain hence preventing pain.

NSAIDs are aspirin based over the counter medicine that almost everyone reaches for to relieve common types of pain such as a sore back or a headache.

Unlike narcotics or other painkilling medicine, aspirin drugs are workhorses that find the source of pain and act to stop it. Damage to the cells makes them release large quantities of the cyclooxygenase-2 enzyme that in turn produces chemical called prostaglandins that sends pain signals to the brain. They also make the damaged area to release fluid from the blood to protect the injured cells from a further beating by creating a cushion. The cushion is the inflammation and swelling that causes pains and aches. Aspirin dissolves in the stomach and travels through the bloodstream to the whole body. It plays its role at the site of cell damage by binding the cyclooxygenase-2 enzymes and preventing them from producing prostaglandins. The cells cannot transmit more pain signals without prostaglandins. Although they still have the damage, it leaves them blissfully unaware.


Doctors may prescribe stronger painkillers (opioids) than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for health problems that cause extreme pain or after an operation. Opioids are heavy duty drugs like codeine and morphine that physicians use to treat severe pain.

These painkillers relievers work by getting between the nerve cells to stop them from transmitting pain message between them. The signal will not get to the brain, and it prevents a person from feeling pain. They also work in mind by altering pain sensation in the brain.

These drugs do not kill pain but reduce and alter the perception by the user. They are more like optimistic friends who always encourage someone in trouble by showing that there is nothing wrong and if there is, a solution is available.

Pain causes unpleasant sensations, discomfort, and suffering but it is the body’s way of communicating that is something is wrong. IT is essential to relieve pain using medicine, but the permanent relieve is to correct the problem. For example pain from a burn signal that there is tissue damage. Using pain relievers stops the pain although the appropriate action is to treat the burn.



Dealing with overwhelm – The solution is to use strategies that help you to gain control over activities. These include:

Productivity begins with prioritizing the important things. Doing everything at once is impossible. Attempts to complete too many tasks will prevent you from achieving any of them, or the work will be substandard.

Begin by separating the most important from the least significant work.

It is essential to plan the working days, weeks and months around the priorities and deadlines according to reality but not demands or influence by individuals.

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After determining the essential tasks, it is the right time to focus on the most critical giving attention to one at a time. Multitasking will not help you when trying to fight overwhelm. It could help you to do several things but the quality will be bad and could even compel you to make amendments. Set everything aside except the task that which you are working to complete.

An easy productivity strategy is by starting the day with the most urgent task without thinking about the other projects until you complete or make much progress. Avoid distractions like reading and composing random emails. Do not attend to every notification of new social media message. If a person sent an urgent need, he or she would call.

You can use a timer on your to focus on one task. For example, you can set the timer to an hour and ensure that you do not leave your desk until the ringer buzzes.


A reason that could make your work tedious is to consider every task as unique and start every project from scratch. It is essential that you be observant of the jobs you do on a regular basis. The things you do 2-3 times frequently should make you think of ways of systemizing it and increase the pace of work next time. For example, if you supervise a small group, you can use scheduling app that allows all the people you frequently meet to pick the time slots. It will enable everyone to know when the meeting should happen thus you do not spend the time to set them up every week or few days. Automating the regular tasks leaves you with more time for other works.


It is a reality that human brain cannot run optimally for over an hour without some break. If you have a massive project, it is essential that you divide it into manageable tasks that you work on with breaks in between. Do not wait until the last moments and stretch your brain by trying to work for long hours. Overwhelm occurs when the mind becomes too full and it begins struggling to process the demand you add to it. New information will become an overload. Dividing larger or many projects into smaller chunks allows you to focus on each chunk at a time until you complete. It will enable you to finish more in a shorter time and without overwhelming stress.

Dealing with overwhelming requires careful planning that creates realistic schedules to complete tasks at your pace. Before setting a timetable of activates, make sure that you the real deadline for projects because some people demand their work within short time yet it has no urgency. It will prevent instances of having too much urgent work when in reality some of it can wait.



Strengthen nursing career, if you are planning to do a doctorate, you have to consider a number of things—the program you wish to join, the field, and the idea to research. However, the ultimate question that you should ask yourself is what it means for your career. The nursing field attracts professionals from other disciplines who wish to further their careers by doing a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. It is one of the advanced post-graduate programs in nursing, which is ideal for nurses who wish to take an area of specialization within the profession.

This takes a shorter time and maybe convenient for the nurses who do not want to spend a lot of time doing their post-graduate degrees. For those who want to be experts in their fields, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree is the most appropriate. A DNP is the highest degree one can obtain in the nursing field; however, it is an avenue for a range of opportunities for the professionals who are interested. It is therefore important to elucidate on how a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree can strengthen your career.


A DNP is one of the two doctoral programs in nursing the other being a Doctor of Philosophy. To complete any of the programs, one should be prepared to spend between three to six years. They all offer great opportunities for career development and diverse pathways in career. Moreover, such changes come with an increase in remuneration. For a nurse who has always been restricted to the walls of the hospital, these two doctoral programs are your way into the research world because they give you an opportunity to investigate novel ways of caring for the patients.

Most people ask ‘what does a DNP do?’ before they make the important decision pitting DNP vs PhD. Most DNP professionals have the commitment to improve the patient outcomes. They also translate the evidence-based strategies within the healthcare system into clinical practice. Nurses with PhDs, on the other hand, may engage in research and even teach at the college or university levels.

How long does it take?

It takes approximately three to five years to complete a doctoral degree in nursing (DNP) program. Therefore, it is important that you prepare for the excruciating academic journey that will take you away from your job and family. It is a sacrifice that many have second thoughts before taking, which is why you have to understand how a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree can strengthen your career. Even though it is not a requirement for some of the advanced jobs in nursing, it is important for those who wish to take leadership roles within the profession. The same way a PhD is necessary for teaching in nursing colleges and universities, a DNP is your license to being in key decision-making bodies on the clinical side.

About ambitions

Therefore, for the nurses whose ambitions point at being at the management or executive levels, this is the right program for you. The question ‘why get a DNP?’ is old school. In an era when the nursing profession is continuously becoming a darling of many, the desire to be at key decision-making organs has increased, especially among the already practicing nurses. It is needless to stress how a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree can strengthen your career.

Moreover, nurses with doctorate degrees are always in high demand because there are growing needs to have highly skilled nurses who can help the world manage the high number of the aging population and the ever-evolving healthcare issues. Besides the lucrative DNP salary, there are more reasons to enroll for the DNP program sooner.

Nursing essays


Nursing essays – So, why are most of them in most residential homes? Nursing homes are vital to the elderly community as they provide 24 hrs 7 days a week nursing care to the elderly. These homes also provide short-term stays for people with illnesses or injuries, those coming out of surgery, others who require therapy be it physical or occupational.


Nursing homes started as early as the 17th Century. At that time, they were known as poorhouses or almshouses, which first came into existence in the US after the first English settlers, settled in their country. The poorhouses housed the poor elderly, mentally ill people and the orphans since they offered them a place to have shelter and daily meals.

For one to offer care to these homes, they require a nurse who is registered and must be present in the residential area for daily assessment of the patient’s health. Their job description involves the administering of medications, writing and implementing care plans and monitoring any medical changes that are visible and take the necessary steps.

Becoming a registered nurse requires one to complete nursing programs laid by their institutions and pass. Licensed practical nurses had to complete a state-approved the program and pass the national licensing examination for them to begin working in these facilities.

There reaches a time where care is vital to the elderly. Most of them require assistance with daily activities which some may be tough or too much for them. The aged usually have bad or negative thoughts towards nursing homes but looking at the positive side, it does make more sense to offer health and.afety to them an activity you may not be able to cope up. Therefore, what are the advantages of nursing homes?


1. These facilities have expert trained staffs who are mostly nurses who offer great medical healthcare that is 24-hours a day. Nurses here are of various specialties i.e. Dieticians, Nutritionists etc. Who ensure proper health and nutrition given to the patient.

2. These homes offer social activities and community care to patients making them feel at home.

3. All homes registered with the state often require evaluation and reports sent to Medicare. It ensures that the facilities offer exceptional health and guidance to the elderly and that they run in the best possible manner.

4. A lot of demands that most of these patients require to seem costly, therefore. It will reduce the workload as some of the people may not have the time and resources needed for the great caring of the patients.

The average ages for many patients found in the facilities are between the ages of sixty and above. Although nursing homes are good, not all people are able to afford the payments required for their loved ones. Some of the institutions also find it difficult to obtain a license from the state as some of the standards cannot be easily met. Nursing essays