Capstone project proposal- Graduate students in most universities across the United States and other parts of the world require their students to write a capstone project before they are allowed to graduate. However, for most students, these kinds of assignments that make them want to halt their studies.

Despite the numerous tips on how to write a capstone project proposal, students still find it difficult to follow the procedure and come up with a top document. What this portends for them is that they will have to struggle with the assignments or seek help from an online writing company. On the one hand, the danger of working alone is that you have no experience in writing such papers; hence, the probability of making errors is higher.

On the other hand, when you seek help online, you might be unlike and fall victim to conmen who will sell you capstone projects templates. Nevertheless, you will stand a good opportunity of getting a custom-written paper that will earn you the grade you deserve.

We can leave that for a while, what is important here is that you need to have some ideas on how to write a capstone project proposal. It is a frustrating affair if you have mastered all the skills for your discipline but you have not mastered the art of writing capstone project proposals. Therefore, we hope that with this article, we will be able to help you develop quality capstone papers for your current level of study, and bring in a novel idea that will revolutionize your profession forever.

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When writing a capstone project, for instance, for the nursing discipline, students make a few pitfalls every time. However unpredictable, students seem not to notice them and find a way of evading them. Normally, the first stage of your graduate studies is writing a capstone project, which has to be preceded by a proposal. The purpose of the proposal is to give a highlight of problems you intend to address, the steps you are going to take in solving them and the means and equipment that are going to be useful in this regard. It should also have a section of recommendation, although this is not mandatory given that you are only proposing a study, which has a 50% chance of proceeding into a project.

The first step on how to write a capstone project proposal is to identify an area that interests you, then narrowing down to specific topic that is not necessarily novel, but adds to knowledge. The next thing is to ensure you follow the prescribed format. While there is a general capstone project format, every discipline, school, college or professor may have their variations that you have to adhere to when you are working under their guidance. You should then make a summary of whatever you want to discuss before you begin writing.


As you prepare your bibliography, be sure to include all the sources you use inside the text. It is also important to write clearly and concisely. In fact, this is perhaps the part of writing this kind of a paper that students have to pay attention to because while you might have an idea, it will not be taken seriously if you present it poorly. Finally, you have to proofread your proposal to eliminate the embarrassing grammatical mistakes therein.

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Dissertion and doctoral capstone – Let us shift our focus to the difference between a dissertation and doctoral capstone. On the one hand, the outcome of a dissertation is the traditional five-chapter document that the student presents for examination. The doctoral capstone, on the other hand, is often presented in two parts, of which one is a deliverable—can be a paper of publishable length. A portfolio, policy manual, curriculum, change management plan or a software. The other part is the final report where the student describes the process of creating the deliverable and the relevant scholarly information that support it. This part requires excellent writing skills and as such; the student must be prepared to on how to go about it.

The focus of the two documents also differs; on the one hand, a dissertation should be an original contribution that a student makes to the body of literature and theory in a given discipline. The researcher should identify a gap in the existing body of works and suggest ways addressing the problems. In most colleges and universities around the world, a PhD dissertation is expected to offer solutions to real-world problems and be relevant to the field the student if specializing on. However, some colleges have a ‘no dissertation’ option for their students. The disciplines or the colleges that have no doctoral research project as a mandatory component. The course requires the students to attain their PhDs by coursework, but even then, they have to be equipped with research skills.

Doctoral capstone

On the other hand, a doctoral capstone is supposed to allow the researcher to extend the research to deliver a solution immediately to an issue within the discipline and in a real-world setting. Unlike a dissertation, there can be several forms of a doctoral capstone deliverable. First, it could be the writing of software aimed at solving a specific technical problem. Secondly, it can be in form a new of curriculum meant to solve a specific problem in nursing practice education.

The difference between a dissertion and doctoral capstone can also be seen in the period to their completion. These variations in period depend on the kind of program you are undertaking. The debate around the doctoral project vs dissertation should be clear on the fact in both cases; the reduction of time to completion does not mean in any way that a topic is less rigorous. Both are time-consuming and demanding, which means if you are a taking a doctoral study in any of the two. You have to prepare for long hours of study, less of sleep and a lot of headache.



Strengthen nursing career, if you are planning to do a doctorate, you have to consider a number of things—the program you wish to join, the field, and the idea to research. However, the ultimate question that you should ask yourself is what it means for your career. The nursing field attracts professionals from other disciplines who wish to further their careers by doing a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. It is one of the advanced post-graduate programs in nursing, which is ideal for nurses who wish to take an area of specialization within the profession.

This takes a shorter time and maybe convenient for the nurses who do not want to spend a lot of time doing their post-graduate degrees. For those who want to be experts in their fields, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree is the most appropriate. A DNP is the highest degree one can obtain in the nursing field; however, it is an avenue for a range of opportunities for the professionals who are interested. It is therefore important to elucidate on how a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree can strengthen your career.


A DNP is one of the two doctoral programs in nursing the other being a Doctor of Philosophy. To complete any of the programs, one should be prepared to spend between three to six years. They all offer great opportunities for career development and diverse pathways in career. Moreover, such changes come with an increase in remuneration. For a nurse who has always been restricted to the walls of the hospital, these two doctoral programs are your way into the research world because they give you an opportunity to investigate novel ways of caring for the patients.

Most people ask ‘what does a DNP do?’ before they make the important decision pitting DNP vs PhD. Most DNP professionals have the commitment to improve the patient outcomes. They also translate the evidence-based strategies within the healthcare system into clinical practice. Nurses with PhDs, on the other hand, may engage in research and even teach at the college or university levels.

How long does it take?

It takes approximately three to five years to complete a doctoral degree in nursing (DNP) program. Therefore, it is important that you prepare for the excruciating academic journey that will take you away from your job and family. It is a sacrifice that many have second thoughts before taking, which is why you have to understand how a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree can strengthen your career. Even though it is not a requirement for some of the advanced jobs in nursing, it is important for those who wish to take leadership roles within the profession. The same way a PhD is necessary for teaching in nursing colleges and universities, a DNP is your license to being in key decision-making bodies on the clinical side.

About ambitions

Therefore, for the nurses whose ambitions point at being at the management or executive levels, this is the right program for you. The question ‘why get a DNP?’ is old school. In an era when the nursing profession is continuously becoming a darling of many, the desire to be at key decision-making organs has increased, especially among the already practicing nurses. It is needless to stress how a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree can strengthen your career.

Moreover, nurses with doctorate degrees are always in high demand because there are growing needs to have highly skilled nurses who can help the world manage the high number of the aging population and the ever-evolving healthcare issues. Besides the lucrative DNP salary, there are more reasons to enroll for the DNP program sooner.


Applying to a nursing program takes place when you decide on the best program, ensure that you have the required high school grade (or degree for MSN or DNP program) and TEAS.


Before you begin writing your application, it is essential that you do the following:


Look for information on the qualification for acceptance to a nursing school. It is crucial to understand the minimum high school grades or from another degree program and the cluster of subjects. Nursing programs will require applicants to have a specific score in Math, Chemistry, Biology and a particular grade for overall GPA score. Some degree programs need students to have an ADN degree for them to enroll BSN. Universities also have rules for transfer students or graduates who want to study a BSN as their second degree.

You should attend a nursing program information session that universities organize for prospective students to learn about application steps and training requirements.


Assign a few hours to look at application guidelines carefully to determine what you should present to the admissions board. They may require transcripts, supplemental materials, letters of recommendation and essays. An application essay is a requirement at many nursing schools since it presents the admissions board with something they can rely on to determine the personality, abilities, interest, and goals of each applicant. Some schools ask for an open-ended essay on the reason for interest in nursing whiles other provides a specific question for determining your position on a certain issue.


Customize your resume to show your passion by including activities that demonstrate that you have been participating in events relating to healthcare such participating in walks to raise awareness on immunization or healthy diet. You should also mention volunteer work because it shows you are dedicated, person. You can volunteer at a hospital or clinic if you have not done it before to get a feel for the nursing duties and build up your credentials.


After you prepare everything else, it is essential that to write an application essay to show who you are and the reasons why you deserve a place in a nursing school.


Your introduction should give the reader a glimpse of the discussion in the body of your application essay. Your opening should be persuasive to hook the reader from the start. You can make it easier to write the most relevant introduction by completing your application essay and writing it as the last part when you sure about the content in the body.


Write about your most outstanding strength that makes you an excellent fit for a nursing program. Write about your life experiences that contribute to your current perception about nursing. Demonstrate that you have a plan to go through the training and the way you will put your new skills into practice. Make your application essay memorable by avoiding words, quotes, and phrases that people use frequently.

Answer all the questions and fulfill all requests in the admission criteria. The admissions office will view you as careless, lazy or in confusion if you skip the question and prompts. If you are not sure of something, you can send an email to seek clarification.


End your application essay with a conclusion that does more than summarize the main points. You could for example end with a quote but not those that everyone will use or a short story. The conclusion should be positive by inspiring the readers even when the story does not have a happy ending.

Remember to proofread your application essay a few times and correct or the errors. You should present an error-free piece that showcases your communication skills. Submit your application before the deadline and take a TEAS (test of essential academic skills) if it is mandatory.



This is when you begin writing a graduate school nursing essay. These tips will enable you to write one that sells your fitness for your target program.


Your nursing essay will be sufficient if it expresses your personal traits. Traits that make you a suitable fit for nursing and convince the readers that you the ideal candidate for their program. Sharing your story or life experiences that lead you to get a desire for nursing. Also writing your application for a nursing program is a superb way to achieve the purpose. You should use your admission essay as the tool to show why the school is the most appropriate place for you to study. Share your most influential motivation for interest to in the nursing program


When you become a nurse, your work will entail caring for sick people for many hours. You will survive in the profession if you are friendly, efficient and ready to take care of patient healthcare needs efficiently. I nursing require selflessness, and you must show that you are this kind of person. Give examples such as when you sacrificed some of your study time to take care of a loved or schoolmate during a sickness. Let the committee know that you have the passion for caring for others and empathy.


The academic qualifications are available in transcripts, resume or CV and test score. Nonetheless, they are just a summary of your potential without going into detail. It is important to use an admission essay the experience you got in your studies. Use this opportunity to explain something worth explaining like a poor grade such as ill health or loss of a parent during the period near exam time. Explain other lessons you learn from volunteer opportunities, internship and other activities applicable to education in nursing.


Getting into any nursing program is a step of fulfilling your dreams. Your admission essay should inform the admissions committee about your long-term career goals. If you aspire to help those with cancer or wish to advance your education to become a nursing practitioner, it is essential to express it because the committee does not have much regard for students without an ambition. Admissions committee has much interest in hearing the long-term goals because it is a sign of your determination and your performance will be better because you are striving to achieve your ambitions. Make your target to be specific.


Many nursing schools teach nurses your state, other places and even in other countries. Getting to nursing school is an important factor for nursing enthusiasts, but most people have a reason to believe that studying at a particular university or college is the way to achieve their dreams. You should provide the admissions officers with reasons for applying to their school. Do not forget to elaborate how the course at their school is significant for your academic goals and future career. Sharing stories about how former students have been getting awards for their excellent performance is one of the ways to explain your interest in the school because it is a sign of sound training. Finally, you should inform the admissions committee about how you plant o use the knowledge you gain in future.

Due to the significant role of a nursing admission essay, you should plan your writing carefully. Plan the points you will highlight, summarize the information and determine the right wording to get the attention of the readers in the introduction. At the end of your writing, remember to proofread and edit the work even if includes asking for help from someone for your to present an error-free admission essay.