Epidemiological Investigation for HIV/AIDS

  • Epidemiological Investigation for HIV/AIDS

I am in need of your expertise help and guidance, reading about you tells me that you are the right tutor to assist me, I am completing my capstone (MPH/epidemiology) and I am lost totally lost. I need your guidance step-by-step on this project. My topic is Elderly with HIV/AIDS: 50 and older.

I have to develop and implement an epidemiologic investigation meaning I have to procure data that already been collected and analyzes the pre-recorded data using the methodology I chose. This APA 4-6 pages format project must include tables, figures, calculation and notes with at least 15 references.

Marcel I need your guidance, can you assist me? I appreciate your assistance in advance.
HIV Surveillance Supplemental Report (HSSR) (tables, figures, calculation, and notes)
The Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFS) (tables, figures, calculation, and notes)
Today’s research on aging (TRA) (tables, figures, calculation, and notes)
Epidemiological Studies on Older Adults with HIV (tables, figures, calculation, and notes)
And others that you can include. Please help me