Explain how your research question is important to patient care nursing practice professional knowledge or research.

reflect on clinical nursing practice
to identify a re search question that you wish to explore further and to dev elop a review
protocol//strategy in relation to the research
This assignment/review protocol is linked with your next course NURS 3045 Nursing Proje ct.
Objectives being assessed
Explain the relationship between knowledgeresearch and practice
Explain the process of identifying a re search question
Apply the
research processto develop a research protocol/strategy
Apply a critical approach to reviewing the literature
Dev elop a research question from ONE ofthe health themes provided below
Apply the PICO or PIO format to the research question
Dev elop inclusion and exclusion criteria
Dev elop a search strategy to direct a search of relev ant electronic health databasesto locate specific
articles related to your research question.
Implement the search strategy in the two selected electronic databases.
Identify and record
5 research articles relevant to your research question.
Health Themes
Mothers and babies
Children and families
Acute care
Older people
Mental health
Rural and remote health
Indigenous health
Assignment Format
You should present your assignment using the following headings and ensure that you address each
point described under each he ading.
Background (1000 words)
Based upon the health theme you hav e chosen state your research question including the Population
lnterv ention Comparison and Outcomes
(PICO) OR Population Issue and Outcomes (PIO).
Explain how your research question is important to patient care nursing
practice professional knowledge or research.
Dev elop and describe theInclusion and exclusion criteria relev ant to your selected question.
Justify why the inclusion and exclusion criteria you have identified are appropriate (in terms of study
design particip ants/population intervention or issue outcomes).
Se arch strategy.(Total
Identify and record 2 electronic databases and explain why these databases are relevant to your
From your research question identify and record key wordsthat you will use in your search of these 2
Develop and record a simple search strategy relevantto your research question using the keywords in
addition to
truncation abbreviations wildcards and Boolean
Implement the search strategy in the two selected databases and
identify and list 5 relevant research articles (using UniSA Harvard referencing) that will enable you to
answer your research
Please note that the you will be using the 5 articlesthat you have identified and listed in Nursing
Projectwhich follows
this course

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