Nurses have to wear scrub suits as their work uniform. A scrub set is made up of a loose top and pant. Almost every healthcare facility regards it as the standard nursing uniform. It is what many in the US and other countries wear. Some hospitals have their uniform regulations specifying colors, fit and cut. Many allow individual nurses to pick their choice probably only insisting on just the same color.

When you are going to buy scrubs, consider the following factors in order to pick something that is both trendy and suitable for your work.


White color reflects nurses and doctors well due to its clean look. It fits the profession well but you do not want it to get dirt or stains. Green and blue are also frequent in many hospitals. If your employer does not insist on any specific color scheme, pick strong dark colors like navy blue, maroon, dark brown or even black. They hold stain better than light shades. With darker shades, there is no need to worry about petit or heavy body frame. Color such as navy blue and black suit big and plus size individuals as they have an ability reduce or cloak size. Light colors draw attention to certain parts of the body making one to look bigger. You may also decide to choose colors according to mood, season or trend.


In addition to comfort, nurses should consider the practical aspect of their jobs. Pockets help you carry some essential stuff around. Scrubs with chest pocket have good storage for pencil, cell phone slots, and pen. However, you can leave them out if they are putting a lot of distress to your shoulders and neck. You may try patch pockets on your scrub tops and pants if you like carrying gadgets around. They provide a storage point when your hands are full since you need to carry a stethoscope, patient chart, and any other essential medical equipment. Limit the number of pockets. Select scrubs with roomy pockets to hold things such as alcohol pads, a pair of gloves and scissors. Some designers do not add pockets to women scrubs because bulky pockets will interfere with the shape of the body.

Neck Cut

There are various types of neck cuts for nursing scrubs. You can choose one of these:

  • V-neck
  • Mock wrap
  • Round
  • Square

You can choose any cut provided that the design fits you comfortably and your employer does not have reservations. You may even go further to choose more stylish designs such as u-shape, split neck, scoop neck and other designs.

Nice fit

Scrubs can be baggy or fitting. Some nurses do not consider their body making their scrubs too fitting or loose. Scrubs should not be tight as three can split or too baggy to your movement difficult. Ensure that you try the scrubs before you buy so as to find the right size. If none matches your doubt measurements, consult a tailor or seamstress to make or make adjustments until you have the right fit.

Length of Tops

This is an important factor for bottom heavy nurses. It is preferable to wear long tops that skim well over your hips giving adequate cover. Longer scrub tops suit tall people but short people appear even shorter when wearing them. Short plus nurses need to adjust the length of their nurse uniform tops.

Side Slits

Designers make scrubs with or without side slits. Side slits increase in the flow of air and comfort. They depend on of the length of scrubs. Shorter scrubs should have no or very short side slits to prevent exposing some parts of the waist. Small size scrubs with a longer center back length and pockets (front or back) require side slits as they simplify the act of reaching for the pockets.

There are basic scrubs for people who like same simple style every day and trendy for those who love the newest fashion. Choose one that is comfortable and fits your fashion likes.