This means, registering in the system, taking your blood pressure, weight and the likes. They prep you before you go see the doctor and present their knowledge. After they attend to you and let you know the next steps of treatment and how medicine is administered. If you are being admitted, these are the people who will help you get a change of clothes, bring a menu to you, show you where the bathroom is, change your sheets and be your guide while you spend a few nights in the hospital.

The work of a nurse is to provide comfort and medical aid to a patient. This refers to showing empathy and understanding for their situation. Caring for them so that they are not further stressed or in pain, by administering the right medication to them. Assisting in treatment as they have been instructed the doctors. Making sure that their stay in the hospital is comfortable and most importantly, that they get the required treatment. During these shifts, nurses are already being paid as per usual.

Depending on their state and institutional rates. Some are paid overtime, some are not. However, I would not advise giving bonuses for saving someone’s life, because it is their job. When we do our jobs, we are rewarded with a salary. If the company does very well, better than usual and makes profits higher than expected then sometimes top management chooses to reward their employees. For nurses, during holidays their salary may be increased. The long hours they work, they also get additional pay.

Most bonuses are given over the holiday seasons as a gift to the employees. Rewarding nurses based on how many lives they save is unethical. All lives are equal and worthy to be saved. It is their duty to assist and their job is not like any other. It is vocational and working only for monetary rewards is dangerous in the nursing capacity. It requires being emotionally present and for the work to mean to you than just a paycheck because you are dealing with peoples lives. When it comes to paying the issue should be with the organization and not with the patients present.

However, nurses who show exemplary skills should be recognized and additional efforts should be put into the training of the nurses so that they can all participate with equal skill and prowess. It is important to recognize achievements and reward them with either a promotion or an increase in wage. Based on experience and qualifications. Merit is always the best reference for progress and promotion.

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