Food Tips for College Students on a Budget

1. Rice/Rice Cooker.

Everyone loves rice. And there are so many ways you can incorporate it into dishes. You can use it in everything from Asian stir fry to Spanish rice. It’s also cheap as you can buy a 10 pound bag of rice for 15$! All you need is a decent rice cooker that is 50$ or less and boom! You can have all the fresh rice that you desire.

2. Eat Salad.

I know I know salad is bland and boring. But it can be delicious if you match it up with vegetables you like as well as the correct dressing. Keep trying different vegetables to find the perfect combination for your salad. Also don’t be afraid to try something else besides the standard ranch dressing. Salad is not only healthy but cheap! You can get 5 meals worth of salad ingredients for under 15$.

3. Spice it up!

When you are tired of eating the same old bland meats there is a simple fix to put a little flavor in your life. Spices are the best thing to have when cooking meats. I prefer Cajun seasonings for chicken and some seafood since I grew up in the south and it reminds me of home. However there are plenty of great pre made taco seasonings out there if you’re feeling like having Taco Tuesday at your place. No matter what it is always a good call to have some spices on deck.

4. Sauce Boss.

This ties in a little with the the spices tip above. Sauces will always make food better. BBQ sauce for food was always a hit at my place as well as Teriyaki, Soy sauce for Asian style dishes and rice and the crazy popular siracha sauce. No matter what its always good to spend the 5$ to get something that will make you not hate your food so that you don’t spend crazy amounts of money eating out.

5. Keep it Lean.

Lean meat is the best kind of meat be it fish, chicken, turkey or even lean red meat. Your body needs protein to recover from workouts as well as to rebuild new tissue. Everyone thinks that meat is expensive and while it can be there are a few great options. Many grocery stores will have a certain cut on sale because they are overstocked so that is always a good option as well as checking to see what the weekly deals are in the store. Stay away from deli meats as they are expensive and usually have a lot of sodium in them. All you need to do if the meat seems a little dry is add a little sauce to it and you’re ready to roll.

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