Fresh and Thought-Provoking Topics for Literature Reviews in Different Disciplines

Fresh and Thought-Provoking Topics for Literature Reviews in Different Disciplines

A literature review is an account of the scholarly works published on a topic. It is different from an annotated bibliography – and far more interesting at that. Instead of being just a list of summaries, a literature review synthesizes the information from all available sources in an overall relationship to your guiding concept. This may be the problem you are discussing, a statement you are arguing, a theory you are verifying, etc.

The goals of a literature review may vary:

giving a historical overview of the research in the field
summarizing the existing state of the topic
finding a problem or a gap in the research field
developing a new theory, etc.
That is why good literature review topics are often formulated as research questions. This type of paper is not an easy writing. You will need to parse immense volumes of information, synthesize and summarize coherently. You also need to devote plenty of time to reading.

This post contains a list of literature review topics suggested for various subjects. However, when choosing the most fitting one to dig into, ask yourself, what are the passions that you can apply to this research? This assignment will take a while, so you will need more than just a good study discipline to soldier on. A bit of enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation will get you much farther.

Literature Review Topics Examples on English and World Literature
Some of the suggestions in this post are linked to literature review examples in our free database. By clicking on a title, you get to a corresponding sample page, where you can read the entire text. If the topic you like isn’t linked, but you would like to read an example, you can order it. We will arrange the most qualified paper writer to prepare it for you exclusively.

Ready? Let’s start with topics for literature review papers on English and World Literature.

Phoenix as a symbol for endurance in a worn path
The novel Intuition by Allegra Goodman
Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Birthmark through Girard’s Lens
Ender’s Game by an Orson Scott Card
Depiction of freedom and happiness in Brave New World
Feminism and Post-Colonialism in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake and Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games
Rationality, logic, and mathematics in the novel The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time
Victims of their time as a character type in the World literature
The last days of Judas Iscariot: a play by Stephen Adly Guirgis
The use of symbolism in Kafka’s prose
Naturalism in American literature
Grotesque and Sublime in the prose of Edgar Allan Poe
Lit Review Topic Ideas on Science and Technology
Next are some literature review topic ideas on science and technology.

Electronic library and effects of its implementation
Benjamin Franklin: scientist and inventor
Virtual Reality, science fiction, and society today
Science, Technology, and Society as a field of knowledge
Frederick Winslow Taylor and the principles of scientific management
What is the future of work
Concepts of science and technology
The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis and influence of technological advancement on man and nature
Types of machine learning
Internet of Things and biometrics: implications, benefits, threats
Emotional intelligence and natural language processing
SmartCity projects that have already been implemented and their lessons
As the field is vast, we can barely scratch the surface with these suggestions. To help you with brainstorming, here are a few tips on how to choose good topics for a literature review yourself:

Make sure the topic ties nicely with class requirements as well as your interests
Do some preliminary research to see if there is enough literature on your topic
Scale up if the information is scarce or down if there are too many sources to handle
Use sources recommended for reading in the class materials
Supplement the list with only trustworthy scholarly sources
Follow these guidelines, and you are on a path to some great ideas!

Psychology Literature Review Topics
When brainstorming topics on psychology, don’t forget about the subdisciplines: biopsychology, social, educational, organizational, etc. If the suggestions below won’t be enough, try looking for inspiration in Biology, Sociology, Education, or Business. The most exciting topics are often at the intersection of different areas of knowledge!

Tricyclic antidepressants vs. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) in treatment of depression
Stress, its causes, effects, and coping strategies
The family system and psychology
Tibetan compassion practices: working with terror, trauma, and transcendence
Behaviorism psychology
Culture and psychopathology
Correlation between diet and cognitive functions in primary school students
The evolutionary role of phobias and intrusive thoughts
Popular psychology and its implications
PTSD in mass disasters survivors: immediate relief and long-term assistance
Cults and vulnerable populations
False memories and gaslighting
Nursing Literature Review Topics
Nursing lit review topics are probably the most diverse in scale, as you can see from the examples below. They can describe a larger issue or a concrete solution applied to a narrowly defined problem. Following this principle, you can modify our lit review topics suggestions zooming out or in on the subject material.

Legalization of medical marijuana and its effects on the youth
Health effects of fiber: research findings
Achieving higher levels of education and training for nurses
Organic foods and cardiovascular disease
The importance of Central Venous Line (CVL) and Central Venous Access Devices (CVAD)
What effects do different types of music have on humans and their mental health?
The use of laboratory-grown organs for transplantation
The role of xylitol in alleviating dry mouth
The detection of tar and nicotine content of cigarette smoke extract using HPLC
Rheumatoid arthritis: etiology, diagnosis, vulnerable populations
Mobility aids for the elderly and quality of life
The role of play in the recuperation of hospitalized children
Education Literature Review Topics
To get more ideas from these literature review topic examples, try isolating an issue and put it in another educational context. For instance, student motivation in primary school vs. middle school or sleep deprivation in high school vs. college. This should give you plenty of material for brainstorming.

Simulation education for crisis prevention program
A critical consideration of the new pedagogy in its relation to modern science
Lack of students interest in studying science
Discovery-based learning and student-centered learning with a focus on mathematics at a high school level
The adverse effects of sleep deprivation on academic performance: a college student’s struggle
Gender bias in special education programs
Higher education for senior citizens: challenges and best practices
Significant challenges of the teaching profession in the US
Factors contributing to international student mobility
Student motivation in private vs. state colleges
Benefits and challenges of homeschooling for students and families
Correlation between workload, stress levels, and self-esteem in middle-school students
Sociology Literature Review Topics
The best advice on finding current sociology topics is to look at the challenges your community faces. Become the first one to notice and address these issues!

Are video games affecting our current and future students?
Ways to prevent social media bullying
Spanking of children in the USA
The relation of poverty and exposure to crime in adolescent men
Transgender discrimination
The link between science and Utopia in Utopia and the New Atlantis
Effectiveness of group therapy in social work
Peer pressure, depression, and causes of suicide in the adolescents
Religious separatism social issues connected with it
Causes and effects of domestic abuse
Physical appearance and social status
Race, nationality, ethnicity, and identity

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