Karen Inge a nutritional advisor at Jalna Dairy foods shares through the things that we really need to understand concerning one’s gut. She argues that practising these steps will be less expensive in the long run. Karen explains how our gut is made up of both good and bad bacteria known as microbiome which is critical to our health and wellbeing. She echoes that these bacteria co-exist to help us have a well-functioning gut. She explains how nourishing it with plenty of water and gut-friendly foods is essential for the body. She gives examples of how probiotics are good for one’s gut such as fermented food e.g. yoghurts and sourdough bread.

Lactose-Free Yoghurt that is thick and creamy is scientifically proven to reducing bloat and improve digestion-boosting the number of beneficial probiotic bacteria in the gut. She, however, reveals that alcohol and fast foods are not great for a person’s waistline which also causes havoc to your gut. She explains how many of these processed foods lack fibre and are low in nutrients which do not help to nourish one’s microbiome and may upset the balance between good and bad bacteria. Additives found in the foods like certain emulsifiers can cause inflammation in the gut. Alcohol also upsets the balance of healthy gut bacteria and binge drinking can leave one’s gut feeling sore. A diet that cut out carbs and promotes a large amount of red meat is disadvantageous to the gut microbiome.

It is vital to know the importance of the gut microbiome to our health before eliminating any major food group. One of the advantages of taking care of your gut is that it helps reduce anxiety. Studies have shown a link between an unhappy gut and an unhappy mind. Having a diversity of good bacteria in your gut not only assists in the functioning of your gut but with the immune function and one’s emotional state such as improving a person’s anxiety levels and their moods.

Increasing the consumption of whole grains such as fruits, vegetables and probiotic foods like Lactose-Free Yoghurt while limiting the fatty, sugary processed foods play a huge difference in how we will feel. Changing one’s diet is an effective way of improving a person’s microbiome. The changes are almost instantaneous as food high in fibre and starch like green bananas, roasted potatoes and whole grain bread is better for your health

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