One’s individual responsibility is a major requirement in understanding what kind of a person makes a good nurse. This type of profession involves dealing with people who are sick i.e. mentally or health-wise, those that require care and those that are in need of advice. It is a field, which requires one to deal with the pressure and emotions that come with the daily operations of the job. Great individual nurses should possess critical thinking skills in choosing a nursing care plan to come up with the correct medication after making a diagnosis. One of the many common questions is whether nurses make diagnoses.

A nursing diagnosis is part of the nursing process, which is a clinical judgment that tries to determine the nature of a cause of a disease. The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) is the organization that defines, distributes and integrates standard nursing diagnoses worldwide. The NANDA International system of nursing diagnosis provides for four categories i.e.


It is a clinical judgment about human responses or experience to health conditions e.g. Sleep deprivation


Describes responses to health and life conditions that develop in. Vulnerable person and is supported by risk factors that contribute to increased vulnerability.


This type of diagnosis deals with the clinical judgment about a person’s desire to increase their wellbeing.


Is a clinical judgment describing a specific cluster of nursing diagnoses that are best diagnosed and addressed through similar ways?

Nursing and medical diagnosis differ from each other. Judgment done by a professional nurse who identifies the client’s risk or syndrome response to a problem or condition uses medical diagnosis for clinical judgment. What are some of the steps in avoiding errors when developing a nursing diagnosis?

Developing a nursing diagnosis is a critical step; therefore, there should be an accurate and complete collection of data. Use of organizational framework helps in clustering data cues and conducting thorough analysis and validation of data. In addition, not forgetting to write the nursing diagnosis correctly is a great way of avoiding errors when coming up with one.

Some of the disadvantages of using these steps are that nurses are afraid that the diagnosis steps they undertake will not fit the client’s situation. It is so that much of the freight comes from them being ridiculed by other medical practitioners.

Inappropriate diagnosis will also bring the nurse liable for judgment for the errors they undertake.

Overcoming these barriers related to nursing diagnoses by making sure the nurse. Is familiar with the language to communicate more effectively. Health agencies and administrators should be supportive of the use of this process ensuring that there is enhanced communication between clinical and medical leaders to increase the developments of nursing diagnosis.


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