Nurses should always move towards creating a stronger relationship when working with certified nursing assistants. As members of one healthcare team, nurses have the task to build relationships within a multi-disciplinary environment. After all in it is important for a nurse to perform all the tasks alone.

If you are a nurse, it is inevitable to work with other team members, and CNAs make up the highest number. When the relationship between a nurse and nursing assistant is strenuous, it also causes challenges in work. It takes much effort to strengthen a working relationship despite the many rewards. It is impossible to get good results if there is tension in the team especially nowadays when there is an increasing patient load.

A smooth relationship improves the workflow for nurses and their assistants. Patients also feel the effect as they will receive better attention and care. These practical tips help in creating a healthy working relationship between Registered nurses and certified nursing assistants:

Initiate proper communication

Communication in musing takes a multi-layered approach. Everyone who is part of a shift including the management should provide opportunities for all members if the team to speak out. It helps to determine if they have any challenges. Everyone involved, including management, needs to provide frequent opportunities for all team members to speak out. It is an excellent way to determine if there are issues that need attention.

It is common for people to share their complaints with colleagues or groups where they feel totally comfortable. CNAs usually complain to fellow CNAs while RNs complain to other nurses.

The two groups will have disputes until they use their diligence to determine the cause of tension. Since an RN is in charge of CNAs, it is essential to determine if they have any valid issues and document anything that is appropriate. When you communicate, it is easy to identify the possible solutions to the problems. Learn whether the issue for the CNAs lesion your delegation or communication skills.

Communication is an essential art. Even as you have a discussion, take the time to determine how other people are receiving you. If the listeners do not receive you well, find ways to improve the communication skills. It is also crucial to determine if some of your work habits are the cause of tension.

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Respect and acknowledge CNAs

At most places of work, there is a hierarchy to serve an individual purpose. It also enables people to know their place. The downside of a hierarchy is that it creates an environment where few people get respect while others stay as insignificant helpers. It is a frequent occurrence when nurses deal with CNAs. It is essential for registered nurses to know that each person is valuable. They need to acknowledge the CNAs for their work and respect them as vital members a team.

Delegate only the necessary duties

It is essential that RNs delegate the tasks that CNAs should perform but not for personal convenience. There are sad stories about RNs who always commit nursing assistants to do the dirty work such as handling bed paths and bedpans while they relax. Some of them answer a call bell only to delegate the task to CNAs if they learn that it requires them to get their hands dirty. It is wrong for RNs and LPNs to believe that after getting licensed, they cannot get their hands dirty.

Registered nurses and certified nursing assistants should know that they have a responsibility to help each other. If they are successful in working together, patients will receive better care which is the intention of the nursing profession.