Middle school is an academic level for children around 9-13 years which someone can consider to be a junior high school.

Children at this age should be writing something coherent and enjoyable to read. Teachers, parents, and guardians can make students of the middle school write work that is more interesting by encouraging writing both at home and school. The students should always have something to write even if it is not extensive for them to develop writing skills and eliminate intimidation. They can enhance their writing skills by trying short stories of entertainment, journal entries every day, best wishes cards and poems among others.

Teachers can play an essential role in improving writing skills by encouraging more writing from elementary class. The learners can begin by writing short stories on simple subjects like a favorite pet. Middle-class students should also make their writing more interesting.


An interesting topicAn interesting topic at hand makes writing to be simple, and the enthusiasm in the writers makes the piece interesting even to the readers. Writing something that you find interesting simplifies writing. Lack of exciting subject makes the writer draft sentences that deliver nothing even when they sound meaningful.

The reading material at the middle school is more intense than at elementary level. An excellent way to determine an exciting thing to write is to read widely from various materials and take notes. It is from one of these materials where you find and a topic with compelling information to share with the readers.

The topic and content should be specific because it engages the readers than something ambiguous that causes the reader to get divided attention. For example, these two sentences describe fruit trees in a garden, but one is more specific.

1.The garden has a lot of fruit trees.

2.The garden has 10 varieties of fruits including oranges, guavas, lemons, guavas, and blackberries.

The sentence with more specifics makes readers imagine an appearance on the garden.

Use of simple wordsIt is interesting to read something that is in a simple to understand language because of quick grasping of issues. Writing with pompous language for middle school reduces readability and makes the work boring as it is not easy to understand. A writer for middle school should use simple words like near but not proximity, help but facilitate and start or begin instead of commencing. A writer can use longer words but when the meaning is precise, and no other words will fit.

Writing in short sentencesSentences for this level of writing should be short because they are simple to understand. Each sentence should have a simple thought. It creates complexity and confusion to place more than a straightforward idea in a sentence.

Maintaining short paragraphsThe paragraphs like sentences should also be short and mostly elaborating on one idea or those that relate closely. You can read newspapers to determine the significance of short paragraphs. The purpose of the short sections is to simplify reading which because brains absorb information better when it is in small chunks. A paragraph when developing scholarly work develops one idea and may include many sentences. Casual writing is less formal hence paragraphs can be short as one sentence or even a word.

Use of active voiceWriters who are writing in English should write in an active voice that follows the subject verb object (SVO) sequence because it captures the reader’s mind than passive voice. Passive voice reverses the active course to object, verb, subject (OVS) sequence, and readers find it annoying. It might be impossible to write in an active voice all through, but writers should use it much as possible.

Ending with a memorable conclusionA conclusion should be captivating to bring and summarize the work with the last perspective on the topic. A determination should have three to five sentences that review the main points, reinforce the thesis but without introducing new words.

Although a writer might want to ‘decorate’ the work for middle school kids, it does not serve a purpose to use fluffy qualifying words that do not add anything to the meaning because they will suck the life out of the sentences. For instance, there is no need to write “it is vital to avoid the empty fluff words as they are distracting.” The words rather and are qualifying words that do not add any value to the work.