Diabetes is a disease that affects people who do not produce insulin, or not enough to process glucose in the body. It is a life-long condition that is not curable but manageable through proper diet, medication, and exercise. When it comes to type 2 diabetes, the pancreas produces insulin so that it can turn the sugar into energy to go about our day. However, when the insulin does not work on the glucose, this is called insulin resistance. A sign of type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 is caused when the pancreas produces insulin, but it is not utilized in the right way. Initially the body is confused and makes more insulin to try and process the glucose into the cells but instead, the sugar builds up in your blood as it is not being processed. This is when you need medication to assist the body to process the glucose and lower the high blood sugars to a healthier state.

To maintain a healthy body and to manage diabetes, we must have a proper diet and exercise in place. Diabetics need to focus on a high protein and low carb diet to keep their sugar levels at a normal level, and exercise to expend the energy for better health.

Low-fat yogurt naturally contains both high-quality carbohydrates and protein, which makes it an excellent food for slowing down high blood sugar to prevent an unhealthy rise in the body. Studies have also shown that a diet rich in calcium, like yogurt have benefits which are associated with a reduced likelihood of type 2 diabetes.

Fermented foods like yogurt contain good bacteria called probiotics, which according to recent studies reduces the risk of type two diabetes in healthy and older adults. The probiotics in the yogurt improve the gut health, which plays a role in a number of health conditions including obesity and diabetes. Yogurt can be taken as a great nutritional breakfast, or as a snack during the day. If it is unsweetened like Greek yogurt, the better for diabetics.

Consuming yogurt lowers the levels of glucose and insulin resistance, as well as systolic blood pressure. To maintain good health, we must also adopt healthier eating habits. Diabetes, like obesity, is caused in a large percentage from unhealthy eating habits which results in poor health conditions. While it is not always the case, maintaining a healthy diet will go a long way to ensure our bodies are free from disease. In some cases, stress is also a known factor that causes poor health, including depression.

Most dairy products have a low glycemic index, which makes them appropriate for people with diabetes. To get the most out of the yogurt you consume for improved gut health, it is always prudent to choose a yogurt that has live and active cultures. The benefits also include the fact that Greek yogurt does not contain a lot of added sugar, additives, food coloring or saturated fats. Therefore, there is a reduced calorie intake and subsequently saturated fats, which contributes to the bad kind of cholesterol.

The difference between Greek yogurt and the regular yogurt is that it has been strained to leave behind a thicker more protein-rich yogurt; after removing some of the ways. As it has more protein, Greek yogurt has a third of the carbohydrates found in the regular yogurt. It is also an easier product to digest for those who are lactose intolerant. When it comes to the flavored Greek yogurts, they tend to have less calcium than the traditional yogurt. Therefore, if you are seeking the calcium value of the yogurt then it is better to select the unflavored option.

Evidently, eating a diet rich in calcium can help reduce the risk of diabetes type 2.