Writing ABSN projects is a way to gauge understanding of the subject, writing and communication skills. Writing per requirements is essential.

These steps will help you to create an appropriate ABSN project


An ABSN project has a specific purpose to achieve, and the readers will check if you cover the particular point adequately. Determine what you would want to read about the subject if you were the reader but not the writer. Use the answer to guide your writing and satisfy the readers by including content that will satisfy the curiosity of your readers. Match the level of your reader. For example it the readers are university professors, they will understand the nursing terminology hence you do not have to break it down. When you write for a project targeting the administrative staff or general public, you should change your language and tone. Write a reader-friendly thesis and center your piece on it. You can consult your advisors if you are not sure about the target readers.


When writing project, begin by writing freely without worry that it could be bad. Too much worrying is likely to cause a writing block. That’s the reason why you should not wait to write at the last moment which compels out force ideas. Start early by writing your thesis and then use the appropriate research methods to gather the right information


A clear structure is one of the essential contributors to an effective project. You should develop your writing within a proper structure and style. The structure also determines the order in which you present the ideas. Top-down is a conventional approach for many ABSN projects and writers. The method entails presenting the main point or its gist first and substantiating points later. You can also try the less popular bottom-up approach that requires building up support for a position that you reserve for the end. This approach is essential if you want to keep the reader in suspense but many find it ineffective as top-down because it keeps the reader in the dark for long. A reader can see as if you do not have enough materials to write a substantive project.

A project with a proper structure allows the reader:

  • To understand its purpose even by reading just some parts
  • An option to avoid the technical sections and still follow the general message


The right substance in an ABSN project helps to support the structure. A good project should comprehensively cover the topic including factors affecting the project, risks, and solutions.

Breaking up the issues is a right approach. Place each item in a separate paragraph but ensure that the transitions from one point to another are natural.

You should research widely and have weighty material for advancing your theme because it helps you to achieve the following:

  • Demonstrate your familiarity with the problem, expertise, and competence to provide a solution.
  • Maximize the insight of readers by drawing their attention wisely to the noteworthy aspects of a problem which determines the results.
  • Explain rather than list the problem and the likely solutions. It helps to minimize the effort that it will take the reader to understand the significance of your arguments.


Many students make a mistake of using complex terminology, and flowery phrases. Many professors do not have an interest in efforts to showcase your ability to use complicated terms. They instead look at the ability of the student to communicate clearly and make sound arguments that most readers even outside the profession will understand. Professors also look at the suitability of your materials, research methods, sources and conclusion even if you use plain English. Their interest is to train nurses who can communicate effectively.

When you complete writing the projects, create time for a comprehensive read to pick the errors. Do not rely on spell checkers but instead read every sentence and correct errors.

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