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Nursing essays – So, why are most of them in most residential homes? Nursing homes are vital to the elderly community as they provide 24 hrs 7 days a week nursing care to the elderly. These homes also provide short-term stays for people with illnesses or injuries, those coming out of surgery, others who require therapy be it physical or occupational.


Nursing homes started as early as the 17th Century. At that time, they were known as poorhouses or almshouses, which first came into existence in the US after the first English settlers, settled in their country. The poorhouses housed the poor elderly, mentally ill people and the orphans since they offered them a place to have shelter and daily meals.

For one to offer care to these homes, they require a nurse who is registered and must be present in the residential area for daily assessment of the patient’s health. Their job description involves the administering of medications, writing and implementing care plans and monitoring any medical changes that are visible and take the necessary steps.

Becoming a registered nurse requires one to complete nursing programs laid by their institutions and pass. Licensed practical nurses had to complete a state-approved the program and pass the national licensing examination for them to begin working in these facilities.

There reaches a time where care is vital to the elderly. Most of them require assistance with daily activities which some may be tough or too much for them. The aged usually have bad or negative thoughts towards nursing homes but looking at the positive side, it does make more sense to offer health and.afety to them an activity you may not be able to cope up. Therefore, what are the advantages of nursing homes?


1. These facilities have expert trained staffs who are mostly nurses who offer great medical healthcare that is 24-hours a day. Nurses here are of various specialties i.e. Dieticians, Nutritionists etc. Who ensure proper health and nutrition given to the patient.

2. These homes offer social activities and community care to patients making them feel at home.

3. All homes registered with the state often require evaluation and reports sent to Medicare. It ensures that the facilities offer exceptional health and guidance to the elderly and that they run in the best possible manner.

4. A lot of demands that most of these patients require to seem costly, therefore. It will reduce the workload as some of the people may not have the time and resources needed for the great caring of the patients.

The average ages for many patients found in the facilities are between the ages of sixty and above. Although nursing homes are good, not all people are able to afford the payments required for their loved ones. Some of the institutions also find it difficult to obtain a license from the state as some of the standards cannot be easily met. Nursing essays

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