Evidence-based paper in nursing presents clear and most recent evidence on individual patient care. Research is at the peak of medical and healthcare professions. It has become more important to promote the new ideas that have come up with innovations and changing technology to support the current research. Writing an evidence-based paper in nursing has its challenges. The most important thing at the time is to identify a unique thesis, write in the proper format and include the most current research for evidence. Writing incorrectly or missing the essential pieces will sabotage the arguments in the paper.


These steps are an essential part of writing a brilliant evidence-based nursing paper.

Identifying a fascinating topic and thesisThe first step is to determine the primary or controlling idea which is the groundwork for the entire paper. All other parts are mere extensions of the initial argument. It is imperative for the paper to have a clear thesis statement in the form of a concise statement in the first paragraph.

The arguments that the writer makes will be his choice, but the topic should be on something new. A topic on an evidence-based subject should focus on the typical clinical problems rather than an unusual manifestation or a rare disease. It should emphasize new information or research that has the potential to promote practical changes in the procedure. It can, for instance, be interesting to investigate evidence that supports new promising practices like reducing anxiety with music therapy, culturally sensitive approaches in asthma treatment and mindfulness training for the management of pain.

Although the writer has a choice on an argument, it must argue something with a clear statement and evidence for an in-depth defense.

Thorough investigation for supporting evidenceAn evidence bases paper in nursing requires extensive research from print and online sources to get the most amazing facts to support the thesis statement.

The purpose of research is to gather evidence. The thesis statement should be the guide on the issues to argue in the paper. The analysis that someone should consider for an evidence-based paper should be from reliable sources. Research articles that instructors distribute and bibliography of textbooks are a good source of references. A search for reliable information should focus on the more legitimate web and peer-reviewed sources.

Primary sources with material relating to the topic and the university library are excellent places to gather information. Evidence bases medicine relies much on patient-centered clinical research including the efficacy of therapies and the diagnostic tests. Hypotheses or thesis for the evidence-based paper should build from the research findings. It should include all the strong recommendations with the backing of factual evidence from very trusted sources. Journals are excellent sources of material to use in an evidence-based paper in nursing because they publish articles after a review by experts in the field.

Writing the Evidence-Based Paper in NursingAfter gathering adequate research, it is time to write the body paragraphs after the thesis statement which is the last part of an introduction. The paper should be in the appropriate academic format such as APA. The outline of an evidence-based paper should have these sections:

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Review or literature
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

Each section should have the main idea in bullet points to make it simple to read. The main ideas should have evidence from research but stating them should be concise and clear to prevent ambiguity of the arguments. It should also include contradictory studies to the hypothesis for the discussion to cover both sides of arguments. It is essential to explain the reasons why this study could have produced differing results due to factors such as a limited scope or sample size during data collection. Modification of the hypothesis to account for newly discovered information might also be part of evidence-based paper but only when necessary.

Polishing the draft after completing all the sections of an evidence-based paper in nursing is an essential step before submitting the work. Editing the paper will help to find any errors in style and facts, format, citation list of references.