How would you explain ways to counter antibiotic resistance in each case?

For this discussion, you engage in a role-playing exercise. From the learning resources provided in thismodule, you should have substantial exposure to the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in bacteria aswell as how human activities contribute to selection of the genes responsible for resistance. Pleaseutilize this knowledge in your responses to the scenario below.After reading the assigned chapters, article and watching the video for this module please respond to thefollowing:You have recently been awarded a well-earned Ph.D. in Microbiology and are an esteemed expert inantibiotic resistance. You have been asked to focus your energy and discourse and explain antibioticresistance to ONE of the following:i. The executives of National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. ii. Parents of a 6-year old boy with Community Acquired-MRSA iii. An immigrant from India with XDR-TB iv. Nursing home facility sanitation staf In your initial post, briefly explain what antibiotic resistance is, where it comes from, and why it is anissue. Then propose potential solutions and/or precautions. Be persuasive.To complete this discussion, respond to other initial posts: As a Ph.D. with expertise in bacterial resistance, your objective is to reduce antibiotic resistanceand educate your audience. Before you write, consider how your audience might respond. Whatquestions might they have? How would you explain ways to counter antibiotic resistance in each case? The goal of this discussion forum is to develop a complete picture of how each of thesescenarios is unique and would require a unique approach as you confer with your classmates.

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