Holistic health is a form of medicine that deals with the whole person i.e. the body, mind, spirit, and emotions of the person. The main goal of this practice is to gain a proper balance in life. A person is made up of interdependent parts which if one fails then the other parts become affected as well resulting to imbalances in people’s lives. One’s physical, emotional, or spiritual can negatively impact someone’s overall health.

Many holistic doctors use various types of medicine in treating their patients. The type of medication can be conventional or alternative. Most of the doctors working using this approach look at all the potential factors that may be causing the issue which can include the diet he or she is eating, possible sleep habits and even their personal problems. The treatment plan used may include lifestyle changes that may help in the prevention of headaches recurring, drugs to relieve the symptoms that he or she might have.

Holistic health believes that healing takes a team approach which involves both the patient and the doctor who can help in all the aspects of a person’s life using a variety of healthcare practices.

Laughing is known as a better way of reducing stress thus helping one cope with and survive a stressful lifestyle. It is a good stress reliever since it releases a rush endorphin hence making a positive impact on your body since one’s body cannot distinguish between a real and a fake laughter.

Laughter therapy is known to get people laughing in any session whether attended by an individual or a group and can help reduce stress making people and employees joyful and happier improving their interpersonal skills.

Aging is a biological process that impairs the functions of different organs causing progressive disabilities in managing personal affairs and in the performance of social roles. These dimensions of life i.e. social and psychological are known to influence a person’s health significantly. The elderly often get depression, anxiety, and even dementia as it is a psychological problem among people in these group.

A larger percentage of psychiatric disorders are in older people who a majority of them are in nursing homes often suffering from depression. Experts have recommended various strategies that seek to mitigate this issue and laughter therapy has to turn out to be an important one.

Laughter is known to cause contraction of facial muscles thus increasing a person’s respiratory rate, blood flow plus releases adrenaline into the bloodstream which ultimately leads to joy and happiness. It is one of the most sorts out after and cheapest drug used to prevent many diseases as it fights against them. It helps people who suffer from mental and physical health issues.

Studies have shown that laughter therapy plays a vital role in strengthening a person’s immune system plus helping maintain one’s health and wellness. It helps to reduce anxiety which is common with people that suffer from mental problems since it has positive physiological and psychological effects that help in coping with stress. It also increases the rate at which a person inhales air by making him or her have deep breaths which benefit their physical and mental health.

There are many therapy institutions that are coming up in various parts of the organization where people can gather to practice laughter. Many people join these groups because fake laughter is known to also tend to release anti-stress and joyful hormones that eventually end up stimulating one’s parasympathetic nervous system making him or her start to genuinely laugh promoting relaxation to individuals.

Laughter often has a positive impact on the general health of a person. More attention needs to be focused to the physical and mental part cause if an effective strategy can be applied then it will lead to a life of vitality, the happiness which is key to both young and elderly people suffering from stress.

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