Identity gaps in nursing knowledge

Quality Caring in Critical Care Nursing
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Concept Analysis Paper –
Concept analysis is used to explore the meaning of a concept to further the
understanding of the concept. A research of the literature will help to define the
meaning of the concept.

Concept analysis is used to:
??Identity gaps in nursing knowledge
??Determine the need to refine or clarify a concept (a phenomenon of
interest); clarify the meaning of terms
??Evaluate the adequacy of competing concepts
??Determine the fit between the definition of the concept and its clinical

Using the reading assignment (McEwen & Wills, Theoretical Basis for Nursing,
Unit III: Shared Theories Used by Nurses, Chapter 16: Theories, Models, and
Frameworks from Administration and Management), develop a concept analysis
Also, in the text (McEwen & Mills), see p. 58, Box 3-1, Steps in Concept Analysis.
This may offer some ideas as to how to structure your research efforts when you
write the paper

Also, consider:
??Why is this concept important for nurses?
??What are the different classifications and definitions that have been?
uncovered, and how are they used and measured?
??What are the consequences for the nursing staff when a particular type of
leadership or management theory is used?
Include in your concept analysis paper:
??An introduction
??Background explaining the need for the analysis of the concept
??A discussion of various forms of the concept selected, including
classifications, manifestations, and measurement of the concept, causes, and
??Implications for nursing
??Conclusion/Summary: Identify real conclusions, not just a summary/repetition
of the findings
??References listed in APA format (a minimum of four references besides your
The paper should be 7–8 pages long and based on a faculty-approved concept.
It should be typed in Times New Roman using 12-point font, and double-spaced
with 1? margins. APA format (6th ed.) must be used, including a properly
formatted cover page and reference list. The proper use of headings in APA
format is also required.

** please use textbook also as references
McEwen,m., &wills,e.m(2014) theoretical basis for nursing(4th ed).

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