Quality improvement (QI) consists of continuous and systematic actions leading to measurable upgrading in health care service and health status of the patients in the target group. Quality of care and outcome is essential due to a direct link to systems of care in an organization and overall service delivery. The ever changing healthcare systems requires medical facilities and staff to keep improving and changing the type of care they provide to patients to keep up with new demands.

Ways of improving Patient Quality of Care in the Ever Changing Healthcare System.

Using trained personnel- A well-trained team of nurses is critical for providing high-quality care with the desired outcomes. The lack of well-trained personnel or training facilities means that quality of care will be below par and without improvement. It is essential to hire experts and increase training to maintain a high standard of patient care.

Clear Communication -Excellent communication by health care providers and patients or their families helps to avoid anxiety and frustration. It is essential to create a contact desk with a skilled administrator to enhance interaction between the patients, care facility, and medical teams. Information and instruction on medical and administrative procedures should be clear without minimal jargon for faster understanding. It helps to use patient counselors as a link between the patients and hospital staff. It improves patient experience, reduces and simplifies the work of medical staff.

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Increase access to service- Quick access and availability of physicians, nurses, and a hospital should be a guarantee to all. To improve patient experience, it is also necessary to minimize waiting time. High demand for health services in some states and countries increases waiting time. The solution is to embrace continual review of responses and other data from patients and use the feedback to make the essential changes for improving systems.

Using new technology and appropriate medication- It is necessary to keep upgrading to newer technology that helps to improve patient care at cost efficient rates. Access to quality low-cost medicine also contributes to the provision of the right care.

Improving patient Outcomes in ever changing health care system

Use of evidence based best practices- Evidence based practice is an essential pillar for quality improvement initiatives. EBP at the point care enables a nurse to make well- informed decisions and reduce chances of costly mistakes. Evidence based drug information patient handout, disease and condition summaries are some of the essential points of care resources. Automated measurements for consistency of best practice and the impact of outcomes contribute to better care and outcome.

Use of Electronic Health Records EHRs- EHRs help care providers to access complete health information on a patient to reduce diagnosis period. It also helps in supporting better patient outcomes by reducing errors and improving safety. In addition to recording or transmitting information EHRs compute and maximize its use to make a difference in the outcome. For example and EHR maintains a record of patients allergies thus checks and alerts clinicians about possible conflict with new medication.

Use of proper equipment-A health care facility that intends to achieve better patient outcome should invest in essential equipment and instruments. They are vital for the performance of medical systems and contribute to better standards. An appropriate maintenance system is critical to maintaining optimal performance.

Medical facilities will make faster progress in improving Patient quality of care and outcomes in the ever changing Healthcare System frequent training sessions to nurses and providing them with access to resources on the latest developments in practice.

Healthcare systems should begin by understanding the existing weaknesses or problems to prioritize the areas that deserve quick attention.

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