The idea of having a global visa is very tempting. Not only does it allow you to travel like a world citizen, but it also means that you can get access into any country without the long procedures of applying for a visa to each country that you seek to visit. It is convenient and in case of emergency, it solves the problem of going overseas in at a moment’s notice.

This would be especially convenient for doctors who work overseas, military personnel, global volunteers, diplomats and the likes. Being a globetrotter means that you are busy, and it can get both equally expensive and cumbersome to continuously apply for visas to different parts of the world. For the case of medical practitioners such as doctors and nurses, being declined a visa, or not having your passport ready on time means that you are likely to lose a patient due to your absence due to delayed treatment or medication.

Organizations like the doctors without borders go to great length to travel the world over to offer medical care and quality health care to low-class citizens, and those caught in natural disaster crises. These medical practitioners are the ones in need of the global visas so that they can respond to the emergencies wherever they are needed. To practice overseas as a nurse, the nurse will at least need an Associate of Science in Nursing, also ASN, or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The hopeful nurse will also need to pass the national council licensing exam (NCLEX-RN), as well as experience in the US to qualify to practice abroad.

Therefore, it is no easy feat and it requires dedication on the part of the nurse. He or she will need to be focused on the opportunity to practice abroad and study hard and smart while getting the required experience to do so. Nurses may seek overseas jobs for many reasons. Among them, they may be offered better wages abroad, and also, they get to travel while doing what they love. On the other hand, working for non-profit organizations comes with good pay and benefits that can set up a foundation for young nurses.

More than that, they receive great exposure while working in remote areas and third world countries. During such times, their work truly feels vocational, and it is easy to feel fulfilled if you took the job for the right reasons. At times, nurses are invited to other countries to fill a shortage and hence, they may go in droves and willingly to help others. For these kinds of reasons precisely; filling a shortage, in response to disaster relief, nurses should be awarded a global visa along with the doctors who qualify to do so.

There should definitely be strict criteria and guideline to follow that will finally enable them to be awarded the privilege of having a global visa, which is essentially a global work permit. This opens up their careers to a wealth of opportunities exclusively to them alone due to the nature of their work. For nurses coming into the united states, they go through a Visa Screen. This is a visa credential assessment service for a comprehensive screening done on health care professionals who are seeking an occupational visa to work in the united states.

The applicants who complete the visa screening successfully then receive an official ICHP certificate for the Visa Screen credentials assessment service. The visa screen cost can be a bit pricey for the initial application at $540 dollars. However, for renewal, it cost significantly lower at $275 dollars. The Visa screen certificate is valid for a period of five years from the time it is issued to the successful nurse (candidate). After considering the necessities of a global visa, I believe that qualified nurses should be awarded such a visa on an honest application.