Both male and female chefs dominate the culinary industry. With male top chefs being welcome and sometimes even better than men. The notion that roles fit only specific genders is outdated and even dangerous. This is because our sexes allow us to think and act differently. Complimenting each other wherever we can. Be it in the home or the workplace. Therefore, certainly nursing is not the job of a woman alone, and the government should encourage more men to engage in the careers of their choice irrespective of opinion. This shows a growth in the society to a positive nature, that will court positive change, and facilitate much-needed advancements. Just as more women are being encouraged to educate themselves on the sciences and build careers in engineering and technology, the same should be done for men. They too should be encouraged to break the barriers of an older more traditional society focused on gender-specific roles.

Male nurses are useful for the patients who feel their needs may be better-taken care of by men. A man will understand the feelings, experiences, and attitude of another man better than a woman. The same goes for women. This is why a male patient may feel more comfortable being assisted by a male nurse and the way a female patient would prefer to be assisted by a female nurse. In every career, it is good to balance out roles among both sexes equally or moderately well. To the extent that they all feel represented. In the event they have special needs to be met, the help is available and attainable.

When it comes to being a doctor, the roles of men and women are better represented and divided across the board. A male doctor can be a pediatrician and treat children the same way a woman can be a neurosurgeon. These roles are not cast based on their gender, but instead on their experience and expertise. Men who have an interest should be encouraged to pick up the baton and follow suit of their fewer male counterparts to balance out the gender representation.

Nursing is a vocation. It goes beyond career choice and the kind of money attached to a job. Like being a doctor, one needs to know beyond doubt that they can be committed for a lifetime in the service of helping others to heal and to reclaim what they have lost from illness. The nurse and doctor must be empathetic people, with a great capacity for tolerance and kindness as well as courage. This is because in the nursing profession you are exposed to illness and trauma first hand. You see death nearly daily and encounter life-changing experiences.

Such need one to have a calm personality, to be level-headed in times of panic. To think fast and be quick on their feet to respond when they are needed. The same goes for being a doctor. They are always on call and respond to their patients when they are needed. This calls for dedication and active participation in your work, not only to succeed but also to save a life. It is clear that what a man can do, a woman can do equally well; and that also for men. They participate in the same capacity as women and excel.

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