A friendly face is good to see anywhere. Whether you are walking in the street or using public transport. Even when someone bumps into you, a friendly smile and an apology quickly smooth out the what could have been an angry altercation. A smile is the best medicine. Scientifically, it has been proven that certain gestures send messages to the brain that ultimately ‘cheat it’ to respond differently from how you are actually feeling.

If you smile long enough, your nerves eventually relax and you can enjoy the moment. Stand or sit in a power pose to exude confidence, and start feeling confident. Smiling has several benefits and one of them is to improve mood. When working in a hospital, it is easy to feel miserable surrounded by sickness and seeing suffering. However, a kind smile can be a smile of assurance that things will get better. For patients and nurses who experience anxiety and feelings of depression, a smile is on way to feel better.


A smile can help lower blood pressure. This is related to negative feelings of stress and depression among others that can cause your blood pressure to spiral. High blood pressure is directly related to how you feel and smiling can elevate a bad mood. When it comes to patients who are facing chronic illness, those who may it be in pain or having mental challenges, take time to talk to them. Cracking a funny joke makes both of you feel better, even if it is just to forget your problems at the moment.

As expressed above, smiling is a stress reliever. Smile until you feel those endorphins spread through your body and cause a genuine smile to appear on your face. There is a saying that goes, ‘if it not okay, it is not the end’. As a nurse, it is always good to have an open friendly face when communicating. It lets patients know that they will recover well.


At any given time, a moody person with negative comments does not receive a lot of positive feedback. There are people who are more patient with others and they could be more willing to accommodate such people. However, in a hospital, a negative comment, reply or attitude can easily delay recovery or worsen a patient’s condition. Smiling improves relationships between co-workers and doctor/nurse-patient confidentiality. Overall, the patients are willing to be more honest and open with a friendly nurse or doctor who has a positive attitude.


Doctors also believe that smiling and having a positive attitude is key it a stronger immune system. It is clear being miserable and having a negative attitude can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. While depression Is a clinical disorder, it would be helpful to avoid falling into a depression by having a positive attitude, irrespective of the circumstances. As a result, it can also aid in pain relief. Try laughing instead of crying the next time you stub your toe on a stool. You may not feel the pain as acutely.


It turns out the elixir for life is a smile. You do not need to find an alchemist to have a happy healthy life. Just smile and keep a positive attitude. It is easier said than done when you are faced with a life-threatening disease or are in chronic pain. However, having a positive attitude even in the most trying times has helped many people live longer solely through their fighting spirit and positive mentality.

It is also good to note that, when you are positive more people are attracted to you. They are attracted to kindness, generosity and happiness, all that radiates from having a smile on your face. It is possible that the bubbliest nurse and doctor are the ones most highly sought after in the wards by patients.