The standard medical school curriculum in the U.S should complete in four years. The first two years in the traditional schedule comprise of basic classroom science education while the last two years will mostly include rotations in the clinical settings where the students learn firsthand patient care. Registered nurses (RNs) in any specialty or work settings perform some tasks. They do the following:

  • Help or engage in treatment
  • Educate the patients and public about different medical conditions
  • Provide emotional support and advice to family members of patients

Registers nurses must do the following:

  • Record symptoms and medical histories of patients
  • Help to perform diagnostic tests and result in analysis
  • Operate medical machinery
  • Administer treatment and medications
  • Help to follow-up patient care and rehabilitation

A good thing about nursing is that it has many opportunities for everyone for everyone beginning with those who have a four-year bachelor’s degree. A nursing job is a place even for those with an associate degree or when a master’s or doctoral degree seems to be beyond reach. There are many jobs in healthcare for people holding or intending to pursue a 4-year degree. Some of the jobs in nursing might require licensure testing, certification or on the job training but they start with a bachelor’s degree.

Physician assistantPhysical assistants (PAs) are medical professionals who practice medicine but work under the supervision of doctors and surgeons. PAs are different from medical assistants whose work is to perform routine clerical and clinical tasks. PAs go through formal training to provide diagnosis, therapy and preventive health care service according to instructions by a physician. They work as members of a healthcare team to take medical histories, order and interpret laboratory tests or x-rays. They also examine, diagnose and treat patients. PAs can also treat minor injuries, record progress notes, order or perform therapy, instruct and counsel the patients.

Some states of the US allow physician assistants to prescribe some medications. A PA at some establishments performs managerial duties like supervising technicians, assistants, ordering medical equipment and supplies.

Medical and health services managerHealthcare is business like others and requires proper management to maintain smooth running. Medical and health services managers’ occupation has all the individuals with a role to plan, coordinate, direct and supervises the delivery of healthcare. These managers include generalists and specialists. Specialists are the people in charge of particular clinical services or departments. Generalists manage or help in managing a full system or facility.

Health educatorHealth educators encourage wellness and healthier lifestyles by providing education about behaviors that promote healthy living and prevent diseases or other health problems. They educate individuals and communities.

Health educators try to avoid illnesses by providing education on health-related topics such as the importance of exercise, proper nutrition, avoiding STIs and habits that are necessary for preventing disease. They start to be assessing the needs of the audience to determine the best topics and best way of presenting information. They can have different programs for women at risk of breast cancer, college students who may engage in binge drinking and the elderly with chronic diseases. Health educators consider the cultural norms and other belief by the audience to make much impact.

Job prospects for the health educators favor those with bachelor’s degrees, but those with experience through an internship or volunteer jobs have an advantage.

Recreational therapistA recreational therapist or a therapeutic recreation specialist provides treatment and recreation services to patients with illnesses or disabilities. Therapists help clients to reduce depression, stress, and recover basic motor functioning and ability to reason. They also help people to build confidence, socialize well to enjoy more independence and reduce or eliminate effects caused by sickness or disability.

Recreation therapists experience competition for jobs buts prospects is bright for holders of a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation or another course in the same field. Employment opportunities are more for the therapist who acquire special certifications in areas such as crisis intervention, aquatic therapy and medication.

The above five jobs medical jobs that require a four-year degree and still have a large number of openings are also rewarding careers because the professionals directly contribute to improving lives.