Heart health refers to a conducive pumping and circulation of blood.

The heart is prone to various diseases and health problems that affect its normal functioning. Most heart problems occur due to atherosclerosis, a plaque buildup in the walls arteries. It narrows the arteries inhibiting the flow of blood and increasing the risk of heart attack or a stroke.

The symptoms and causes vary depending on the type of diseases. Chest pain, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, fatigue, racing or slow heartbeat are some of the common symptoms. If you have a heart problem, it is essential to consult a heart specialist for a proper diagnosis and treatment. You also need to implement home remedies and healthy lifestyle changes to improve the heart health.


Many natural remedies can help to manage and end heart problems if they do not interfere with perception drugs or cause serious side effects.

These natural remedies are essential to heart health.


Garlic is one of the oldest natural remedies for boosting heart health. Numerous studies show that garlic has healing properties for conditions such as coronary heart disease high blood pressure and high cholesterol which causes clogging in blood vessels. Other benefits of using garlic are that it improves circulation, prevents hardening of arteries and development of atherosclerosis. Garlic also has anti-platelet aggregator and antithrombotic effects. These combined effects help to decrease the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Fresh garlic is more effective in maintaining heart health. Crushed garlic releases a compound known as allicin that produces the stinky odor. Scientists believe that it helps in maintaining flexibility of the arteries for better flow of blood.

Taking a freshly crushed garlic clove or two everyday helps in improving heart health. Drinking some milk after eating the garlic cloves help in reducing the strong taste in the mouth for those who it too strong. Garlic supplements can also help when you take 60-1200 mg of extract in three equal daily doses.


Flaxseed is a smart choice for diet when managing heart health as it has plenty of omegas 3 fatty acid that helps in reducing inflammation and blood pressure. Flaxseed also contains lignans, fiber-rich plant compounds that reduce plaque and cholesterol build up in the arteries.

The seed provides more benefits than the oil. Whole seed can go through the body without digestion and leave without any health benefit hence it is essential to mill or grind it preferably when it is fresh. It helps in controlling cholesterol but should not replace medication if the risk of a heart disease is extremely high.


A mixture of fermented rice and yeast is an ancient remedy for lowering cholesterol. It is a naturopathic statin with proven success as it was one of the first statins(a group of medicine which reduces cholesterol levels in the blood). Red yeast rice also helps to relief statin-related muscles pain.


Capsaicin a beneficial compound in treating heart and circulation problems is plenty of cayenne pepper. Additionally, it helps in reducing the cholesterol levels and risk of irregular heart rhythms. Moreover, Cayenne has phytochemicals that enhance immunity and purify the blood.

A teaspoon of cayenne paper in a well-stirred hot cup of water helps to maintain good heart health if you take it 2-3 times a day for few weeks. If the pepper is too hot, a follow up with some hibiscus reliefs the burning sensation and still helps in promoting heart health. Another option is to use cayenne supplements such as capsules after getting directions on dosage and suitability from a physician.


Leafy green veggies are rich in vitamin K2 thus helps in reducing the risk heart disease by preventing calcium from depositing in the blood vessels. Vitamin K2 helps in restricting calcium in the bone and away from the arteries to improve blood function and reduce age relating stiffness in the arteries.

Natural remedies that reduce blood pressure and cholesterol the main cause of heart problems help to maintain as well as improve heart health.

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