Patient information has moved from paper to computers and healthcare facilities that have not made a move are in the process. It has opened a fresh filed for nurses intending to do non-clinical jobs. If you enjoy technology, it will be lovely to help in managing patient data in a clinic or hospital. Those who have advanced knowledge in computers can develop software or analyze data to develop better and more efficient practices to improve patient care. Nursing informatics requires professionals with the advanced degree. Some employers are more accommodative and give time for nurses to learn through in job training.

Medical Writing

Do you enjoy writing? Medical writing might be a good career for you if you can clearly convey information in excellent grammar. The work of medical writers is to write web articles. They also develop content for other media including:

White papers
Medical equipment adverts
Some companies employ medical writers, but if you do not find one or require a flexible schedule, you can also be a consultant or write as a freelancer.

Health Education

If you are a nurse who enjoys teaching people about better ways to take care of themselves and families, a career in health education would be good for you. Health educators can work in schools, elder care facilities, and non-profit organizations or within their communities at home or abroad. Some of the things that health education nurse teaches are:

Choosing and eating nutritious diet
Incorporating exercises into your day’s schedule
Controlling spread of contagious diseases
Self-managing long-term illnesses such as diabetes
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Patient Advocate

Practices in the healthcare system are becoming more sophisticated while people have increased awareness of their rights. Patient advocates have now become a medical specialty with high demand. Patient advocates work with hospitals, healthcare companies, and non-profit agencies.

Some governments employ advocate nurses to serve particular groups. For instance, the US government hires nursing advocates for Veterans. A patient advocate offers support to patients and members of their families by doing the following:

Answer questions about medical procedures
Explain patient rights
Assist navigation through health care system
Help patients to insure and get care of the best quality
Provide information and coordinate social services
Healthcare Recruiting

Hospitals and healthcare firms usually have a shortage of nurses are keen to fill the slots. Due to urgency, healthcare companies at times hire health care recruiters who can help them to find qualified candidates for temporary nursing and doctor positions. When recruiters identify a candidate, they take the time to prequalify and help them through their hiring process.

If you are good at creating a rapport quickly with other medical professionals, healthcare recruiting can is particularly suitable for you.

Medical Administration

Administrators handle daily operations at a hospital, health facility or clinic. Nurses have skills and insights that allow them to succeed in the medical management that involves working as the link between other medical professionals and patients.

Duties of administrators include:

Planning budgets and set health service rates
Handle insurance claims
Develop procedures for patient service, public relations, and quality assurance
Hire nurse, doctors and assistant administrators
Participate in community health programs and fundraising
Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales

Busy doctors do not have time for to research on the latest products and equipment. They rely on information provides by the sales representatives. Medical and pharmaceutical sales are fit for nurses who enjoy talking to people and traveling. It involves calling clients or visiting them to give samples and make presentations.