There are various training methods and sessions that nurses undergo in their respective schools that teach them how to perfectly attend to their patients for the sole aim of providing world-class healthcare to the patients.

Nurses are expected to write care plans in every nursing school they attend to since it gives an idea of what steps to follow if he or she was to care for a mentally ill patient. Nursing diagnosis refers to care plans that provide direction and indication for one to properly offer care to a patient. Through a care plan, nurses can identify existing and potential needs or risks to patients thereby applying a set of actions that will help them in identifying the diagnosis and resolve any issues that may pop in the nursing report.

One of the sole reasons for having a care plan is because it offers the nurse direction on how to offer care to the patient. Every patient in the hospital has his or her own diagnosis that needs to be organized according to a patient’s needs. Plans offer continuous care to patients as there is communication between different nurses that are in shifts. Most of these shifts receive up-to-date care plans whenever the previous shift is done with their job duty.

Care plans are vital to the nursing community because they teach and explain how to document carefully describing the outline and the observations to consider before handing out medication. They also provide guidance to nurses who are required to provide specialized care as this can only be achieved by those that fit and have certain skillsets.

Some of the advantages of having care plans is that information from various disciplines is quickly accessed having nurses apply critical decision skills by using the nursing process in solving the issue affecting the patients. insurance companies often use these documents to check whether there was the provision of care to the patient since they will not be willing to pay for what is not documented.

So, what are the steps for diagnosing an amputee?

Amputation is usually in the result to whether a patient has a vascular disease, tumor, trauma that results in amputation to certain body parts. It refers to the surgical removal of a limb which occur mostly after the patient has been involved in a car accident.

There are two types of amputations. They include open amputation – that requires strict aseptic techniques and later revisions and, closed or flap amputation. Nursing care plans to the above patients need psychological support and physiological adjustments, they also require pain alleviation procedures that will help prevent complications thus promoting movement and functional abilities as the nursing plans provide information about surgical procedures and treatment needs.

Assessing the patient is one of the care plans to which nurses are supposed to undertake. They need to know what the patient is going through if the damage is creating acute pain rising from potential tissue damage. There may be impaired physical mobility after amputation hence limiting the patient’s body movement which can be further evidenced by the patient’s reluctance to moving or there is decreased muscle strength to the body. The nurse will try to understand the individual’s situation by talking to them plus demonstrate techniques that will enable resumption of activities.

If the patient happens to have an infection or be at a risk on invasion by pathogenic organisms which may lead to broken skin and chronic diseases, then achieving a timely wound healing process will be ideal to the patient. Nurses are required to check for the patient’s vital signs, cleaning the wound and administer appropriate drugs as prescribed by the hospital doctor. The above intervention is necessary to prevent the skin from getting an infection. Some of the drugs given may include antibiotics or tetanus prophylaxis.

After a complete amputation, the wrapped part needs to be soaked in wet saline to avoid discarding. Identify any presence of infection then apply appropriate pressure.

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