Nursing Personal Statement: How to Craft a Masterpiece

Nursing Personal Statement: How to Craft a Masterpiece

If you are thinking about the next step in your academic career, you will appreciate that there is a lot of competition for the high-quality courses. As more and more candidates are seeking tertiary “Nursing Personal Statement Writing” width=”300″ height=”210″ />qualifications, it is getting harder and harder to stand out and secure the course place that you aspire to.

High marks are no longer enough, and many educational institutions are looking for other ways to better understand which candidates will perform best if admitted into the course.

One of these assessment elements is the personal statement. In this article, we will take a look at the type of personal statement that you need to prepare if you are considering applying for a nursing qualification. We’ll give you some examples of how to structure your nursing personal statement, and the kind of things that you should include.

What Is a Nursing Personal Statement?

This is a short written description about yourself and your experience, explaining to the assessor why you want to study nursing, and why you wish to be accepted by the particular course that you are applying to. This is not a thesis that is pages and pages long. You are probably looking to write somewhere between 500 and 800 words – it needs to be succinct, but it also needs to contain enough detail and insights so that it is authentic, engaging, and impactful.

What to Include in Your Nursing Personal Statement

There are four key areas that you should generally try and include in your nursing personal statement.

  1. Explain what attracts you to study nursing. You need to be able to convey why nursing is your passion. For example, you may something like – “The volunteer work in my local care home showed me the positive impact that nurses can have on the lives of patients…” or “The changing care models in our health system make it a dynamic and evolving career option…”
  2. Explain why you have applied to this specific course. You need to demonstrate that you have put some thought and research into the course that you have applied for. For example, you may something like – “My passion is in the mental health sector, and I noted that this course has a very strong reputation in this field.”
  3. Explain how your skills and experience have prepared you for this course. You need to show the assessors that you will hit the ground running, that you know what to expect from this course. You may say something like: “As a diabetic, I have spent a lot of time being cared for highly trained and professional nurses, and it has given me enormous insight into the passion and dedication required for this career.”

Test Your Nursing Personal Statement

Once you have written your nursing personal statement, make sure that you get someone to proofread it for you to pick up any grammar or typographical errors. You then can ask your friends, family, and professional network to critically read your nursing personal statement. Actively seek their feedback to ensure that your nursing personal statement not only accurately reflects who you are but also that it is authentic, engaging, and has a real impact on someone who is reading it for the first time.

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