There is a high demand for nurses to work in South Florida as they are dealing with a shortage of nurses. The number shows that the country needs at least one million nurses to keep up with the growing population of patients that require medical attention.

According to West Palm Beach Television news, who spoke to most hospitals around the region to find out how they are coping with the shortage and how they recruit and retain most of their best nurses found that most of them offer signing bonuses of up to $15,000 for nurses that deal with speciality areas plus also aid nurses that are out of the state.

Several hospitals that were talked to also gave similar responses such as St. Mary’s Medical Centre and its affiliates who do the same but also offer scholarship opportunities for children of their employees. Other medical hospitals like Jupiter Medical centre and Martin Health system like to train their own nurses as the focus is shifted to their own employees where much emphasis is put on their growth.

A brief chat with the news network to some of the nurses confirms this as most of them are attracted to this bonus offers that the hospitals are providing them with. The reasons for the uptake of this job offers is because most nursing schools are generally full and the number of vacancies according to the Florida Centre of Nursing as of June 2015 shows several nursing vacancies in South East Florida estimated to be 955 and part of the more 9,000 state-wide.

All hospitals, therefore, are competing for that limited resource by making sure that their salaries are competitive to meet up with growing demands of the population that seems to be plaguing the country and here in South Florida.

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