Quick Study Tips for Finals Week

1. Get some Sleep!

You may think it necessary to pull all nighters and take some really sketchy energy drinks to get all those physics chapters crammed into your head. But did you know that studies show that you retain more information if you study then get sleep? All you need is 6 hours at a minimum to be able to retain nearly twice the information  as if you worked through the night. Make sure to get your sleep not just for your studies but for your overall health! People who get the correct amount of sleep will have a lesser chance of heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

2. Take Breaks

According to memorization studies, if you study for more than 30 minutes you will lose concentration and the ability to memorize exponentially. If you take just a 5  minute break after 30 minutes of studying then you will be refreshed when you come back to study for another 30 minutes. Just rinse and repeat and you will be much more effective with your study time.

3. Positive Reinforcement

When you are working on math homework and finish a problem, reward yourself with a skittle or some other small candy. Positive reinforcement goes a long way and can help you push through those long study sessions in the library!

No matter what you do going into finals week make sure to give it your all. Finals week will end and you will be better for it having given all you can to you studies. All you need for motivation is to remember that summer break is right around the corner!

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