GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. It is one of the experiments in science that has seemed dreadful to the human health since it seems to contaminate the original food through the modification and addition of chemicals.1 The goal is normally to bring about a characteristic trait from the original ones. Laboratory technicians usually obtain the original species and insert it to another sample. The specialists of this scientific modification claim that their motive is to increase the nutritional contents of or heighten productivity of the organisms. Accordingly, this paper will discuss the various reasons labeling of these products should be made a priority, which include customers’ right to choose, prevention of unwanted future outcome, no scientific proof for the safety of GMOs for human consumption, and increased allergies


Basically, it is important to allow consumers to take in what they want. When products are labelled for Genetically Modified Organisms, individuals will manage to choose whether they want to consume them or not. In this regard, failure to label products violates the rights of consumers. Someone cannot consume a product that he/she is not comfortable with. A huge number of people in the US are in support of the idea of labelling so that if they want, they can choose not to eat Genetically Modified Organisms. People need the freedom to make a choice on what they consume and most importantly what they feed their families. However, a truthful marketplace is vital in realizing this objective.


Labelling will prevent unwanted results in the future in accordance to the people producing the products. If they do not consider proper labeling, false results might come up and conclusion in regard to their motives. Also, the idea is for the safety of consumers globally. As the project comes up, the primary goal is to ensure the safety of people, by letting them consume products that are healthy. Notably, this should happen until when positive results about the safety of GMOs comes from long term users. Inadequate proof to confirm suitability of GMOs for human consumption. There is no proper agreement among scientists that proof Genetically Modified Organisms are safe for intake. Before their introduction, there were no researches done. Technically, the human population is the experiment being used to get the desired results. Therefore, letting people decide if they will be part of the experiment or not is an integral move.


With the introduction of GMOs, the population has seen an increase in allergies.2 They include food and skin allergies. Also, GMOs has caused different kinds of fevers. Asthma has also been seen as a disease acquired from these foods. Therefore, it is significant to label such products so that people who are allergic, and are not immune to some diseases and various sensitivities, can avoid them.


Not every individual can afford buying foods that are organically made. The process of producing these products is expensive, rendering the products costly. Individuals living in the middle class are to be considered while allowing a non-labelling marketplace. They need to be aware of those foods they can comfortably purchase, relative to their budget in a bid to encourage a favorable playing ground for every citizen.

In a situation where the population will have absorbed GMOs into their systems wholly, it might be difficult to eradicate them from the world, especially if the effects will be chronic.3 For example, it may cause terminal diseases and effects that people might want to do away with the products. However, it is difficult to do away with such since many people quickly absorb them into the market and make it their businesses. The ‘agents of pollination’ in this sector work so well in ensuring the market gets flooded. Accordingly, people will continue suffering the effects of their actions as ailments will continue attacking them, thereby, risking the society at large. In this regard, it is fair to let people know what they are dealing with so that they can make informed decisions whether to buy products or not.

Other countries have taken in the idea of labeling GMOs and it is working well for them. Thus, it is paramount to emulate such moves since its positive impacts surpass the negative ones. Something that elevates a standard is a good gesture other than one that harms the society.4 Countries such as the US need to borrow a leaf from other nations like Malaysia in regard to such issues.

Researchers dealing with the negative effects of these organisms have proved the fact that GMOs are a threat to life.5 They are not friendly to the existing living things. As much as it could be an economic boost to most businesses, it has massive destructive features to living things. They are taken into the body through almost all food products, be it drinks or farm food through fertilizers and boosters. Either way, people still get to consume these products.

The warning labels are of great importance since they allow customers to make informed deductions whether they want to consume the products or not. In fact, this is the only fair and right way of introducing the products into the market, given that is against humanity to force people into consuming something they do not want due to inadequate knowledge in regard to those particular products, bearing in mind that their contents could be a health hazard to the body systems or cause deadly injuries to the user, based on one’s immunity and body reaction over the products.