The working hours of a nurse typically run between 36-40 hours a week. On average an American registered nurse earns about $32 an hour with a median annual income of about $67,000. Meaning per week they receive about $1000. This is a very good wage and it will explain the reason as to why many young people have chosen to nurse as a career. It is as rewarding as it does need effort. It is not an easy task and nurses often get overwhelmed especially when they are understaffed. They get exhausted from working long hours without break, and it is not uncommon to find a nurse sleeping over at the hospital instead of going home.

Nursing Unions have come out to fight for the rights of nurses demanding the end of mandatory working hours, which is common in many states. This is whereby the nurse must work irrespective of if her shift is over or not. This stresses them out and as a result, there is poor performs and high turnover in the workplace. They are tired and they are not paid overtime. This discourages term and dampens their morale. In any case, it is expected and therefore, nurses should be paid overtime like any other employee at a respectable institution.

Hospitals do offer nurses pay for overtime, or as a bonus. During these hours, the pay per hour is higher and for those who are eager to make more, this is a good opportunity. During the times when there is a critical need, nurses get paid even higher per hour and have the opportunity to be good money. Altogether, that bonus pay can mean a lot of cash combined. Qualified nurses are also highly sought after by hospitals. This means that they may offer to pay you more depending on your qualifications, and specializations. Specialized nurses make more money due to their specialized skills, and this makes them indispensable.

Taking time to further your education is never a wrong move. It brings about positive end results and is the backbone of a better career track role. All the while, make sure to pursue a work-related experience whenever you can. A good experience seals the deal when it comes to landing a good job. Due to the schedule of their shifts nurses have the chance to plan their time accordingly and take time off at their leisure based on the way they have planned their work calendar. Ultimately, nurses should receive bonus pay whenever they cover more hours than usual. This should be a standard procedure and not forced or as a favor to any employee. To make more, nurses are encouraged to seek job rotation, further education that could ultimately lead to a promotion in the course of their employment. These methods are guaranteed to help raise earnings. Seeking a job rotation does expose you to different areas of work that could help you ascertain the specialization you prefer.

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