The 3 Most Underrated Places to Study Abroad

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is an incredible place with immense beauty and great people. You can find something for everyone here. For the outdoors person in you, you can take a stroll into the countryside of New Zealand on plenty of different adventures from hiking to rock climbing. You can do all that in the incredible landscape where the Lord of the Rings Trilogy was filmed! If your’re more of a city person there are plenty of things to do including going to see many different theatre companies, orchestras, and even the pop investigate the rising New Zealand Pop scene. Who knows, you might find the next Lorde! For the person in love with sports you have the All Blacks rugby team which is one of the top teams in the world so you should catch a game while spending time there. All this being said this is just a small tidbit of what you can do on your study abroad trip to New Zealand.

2. Rio De JaneiroAfter the world cup in Rio there has been an increase in tourism to Rio but not a lot of study abroad travel and I wonder why. Rio De Janeiro is one of the greatest cities in the world and it has so much to offer. There are amazingly beautiful beaches where you can get a tan in between classes. You can go and visit the breath taking Christ the Redeemer statue in the cliffs above Rio and get a true view of how large Rio really is. Don’t forget about the great food either. The cuisine in Brasil is just divine especially because of how fresh everything is from the cuts of meat the crispness of the vegetables. It all comes directly from the farm to the table in front of you. All these things make me wonder why people haven’t taken advantage of study abroad to go explore Rio.

3. Singapore

One of the hidden gems of Asia, Singapore has really risen up as one of the economic powers and has developed into a awe inspiring city. It is an interesting mix of many different people from all around Asia. Because of this many of the inhabitants speak English as a central language making it fairly easy to go to the store or ask people for directions. This is a great place for someone who doesn’t know another language. Also since there is a mix of Asian cultures here you see it in the food. There are places that serve food from different regions of China, Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia. On top of that the crime rate is incredibly low so everyone can feel safe walking around the streets of Singapore at night. I cannot recommend Singapore enough as it is a must visit for someone looking to spend some time in Asia.

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