Medical transcriptionists are the professionals responsible for transcribing dictated recordings from healthcare professionals including doctors to create documents for patient fields. These documents can be medical, administrative or for other essential records. There are many transcription schools, but the best for medical professionals are those specializing in training professionals in this field. There are many communities and technical colleges that teach medical transcription to students on campus or online educational programs.

The highest rated among the many are those with remarkable graduation rates, successful alumni in the job market and student satisfaction. Opinion of experts is also another vital criterion to consider when choosing the top medical transcription schools. The highest rated medical transcription schools in the US at this time are:

1.Everett Community CollegeEverett community college has programs in medical transcription and editing through the health science division. It is an online program that uses written materials and custom software to enable students to train from their homes or any other place with internet access. It allows students to work and study. Everett community college medical transcription program is one of the high rates has full accreditation and among the highest rated in the country. Students can join at the beginning of an academic quarter on a full or part-time basis provided that they complete 43 credits.

2.Metropolitan CommunityCollege An accredited program at Metropolitan Community College offers an accredited program to enable the students earns an associate of applied science degree (health information management systems) with an emphasis in medical transcription. The college offers a medical transcription program at the main campus in Omaha, Nebraska and also online. It is a fully accredited program that is among the best in the US. The program requires students to complete the study in two years. They should complete 44.5 credits in the health information management, 27 credits general education and an internship. Students can after completing their degree program take a certification examination by AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity) to qualify to be registered medical transcriptionists.

3.Delta CollegeDelta College is in University Center Michigan and offers a Medical Office Professions program including a famous one year certificate in the medical transcription. AHDI certifies the students who complete the program, pass specific written and practical examinations to be certified medical transcriptionists.

Medical transcription program at Delta College is comprehensive as it requires students to complete classes in:

    • Medical terminology
    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Medical college pharmacology
    • Legal aspects of the Healthcare system
  • Medical pharmacology
  • Document processing
  • Time management
  • Medical transcription
  • Business communication

4.GateWay Community CollegeThis community college offers one of the top online medical transcription programs leading to an Associate degree in Applied Sciences. The program emphasizes the study of these subjects:

  • Study of anatomy and physiology
  • Medications
  • Surgical procedures
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Therapeutic procedures
  • Legal issues in healthcare management

Students who apply to enroll must produce a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation card from health care provider and earn at least a grade C in all the courses within the program for them to graduate.

5.California State University (CSU)CSU, one of the top regional colleges in the West with a continuing education department offers more than 50 programs. An online medical transcription course leading to a certificate is one of the classes at CSU. A professional with decades of experience in professional transcription teaches and leads the instruction team. Students study medical terminology about systems of the body and infectious diseases. Instructors use audio recordings of speakers from different states to develop the transcription skills.

Medical transcription course programs are for the people who have an interest in working the medical field as medical transcriptionists or editors. Certification is necessary for qualification to work in the medical transcription field. The program should include a real-world practical experience to provide learners with practical skills that they require become excellent transcribers. Many healthcare providers outsource their transcription work to healthcare documentation companies that in turn hire professionals to transcribe and edit in an online virtual work environment.