A nursing admission essay is an essay that applicants to nursing programs write to show their best qualities and other life experiences that got them interested in nursing and reasons that make them stand out from other student applying to join the same school.

An admission essay is not one of the common projects for students hence many are unable to determine the best way of writing admission winning essay. Others get the request to submit an admission essay within a short time, and they find it difficult to complete an outstanding essay on time.

If you want to write a nursing admission essay that meets requirements of the admissions committee, these tips will guide you to write brilliantly.


Admissions committees do not provide instructions without purpose. They use them to assess ability by the writer in adhering to guidelines. Write according to directions the readers will keep your essay aside and give attention to those that comply. Determine if they want you to answer a specific question and the word limit. Double check the admission requirements shows that you are an attentive student.


Unless you get a prompt to answer a particular question or cover a given topic, it essential to write about an important subject to you in which you got a firsthand experience. An admission essay reveals who you are thus your style should be like a conversation to share something with a close friend. Write something that makes you hear your voice but avoid questions that cause readers to squirm.

Organize your essay into sections One long admission essay reduces the readers’ interest. Divide your piece into

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraphs for arguments
  • Conclusion

Write down the general ideas and place them into their suitable category before you begin writing your draft. You can rearrange the body to increase the relevance of each point to another and support for your arguments. You can even begin here and write the introduction last for it to relate entirely to the discussion in the body. An introduction and a thesis statement provide the reader an insight into what you will discuss in other sections. It will show inconsistency if the content in the body paragraphs is different from the introduction.

You do not have to write the entire admission essay in one sitting. You can write each section at a different time for you to have the presence of mind to create something coherent.


Writing a unique piece is important. If there is an opportunity to write creatively, take another angle that is different from the obvious to surprise the readers and hold their attention. When the requirement is to write on a specific topic, follow the prompt but emphasize on the special qualities that differentiate you from other applicants. If you are not sure about the features that make you different, ask your friends about the qualities that make you unique.


It is a bad idea to write a standard universal admission essay without adequate mention of the program. Create time to research the nursing program and school. It helps you to determine how academic, as well as life experiences, make you an ideal candidate for both. You should also research the relevant terminology to show you know about the nursing program but do not use too much jargon as it can reduce readability.

Avoid clichés that many admission essay writers have been using because the admission officers find them boring because they read them frequently. Instead, use simple original thoughts. Ensure that you write reasons for application, your skills and life experiences that make you a suitable candidate for a nursing program.


After mentioning everything in the other parts write an end tying up all the points. You should also summarize everything stated before to show in an impressive statement on how you are a remarkable candidate. You should also inform the admission officers how the chosen nursing program and field will enable you to achieve your goals.

Before you submit, proofread and edit your nursing admission essay to root out all the mistakes. Read aloud to hear if all the word sound right and if possible ask conversant friends to help in proofreading

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