Welcome Back! Mid-Year Blues? Be Motivated All Year!


College Student Needing Motivation!

If you are a college student starting your spring semester right now and you don’t feel like this… well you’re bluffing. Many of my college friends and I are dying for spring break to be here already and we just started classes! It’s very easy to get burnt out after finals and get too comfortable on the couch during winter break. Next thing you know January rolls around and you’ve lost all motivation! I want to share with you a few simple things you can implement into your everyday routine that will ready you to conquer the spring semester! Lets do it!

Identify Your Obstacles

Do you keep getting stuck and just can’t figure out what your road block is? Now is the time to sit down and really figure out what your obstacles are and conquer them. If you don’t attack the problem now it can lead to bigger things down the road. Think about your learning style, maybe you should try studying or taking notes differently. Join a study group and get someone else’s take on things.

Rethink Your Routine

Start by making your time work for you. I can’t stress how important this is to keep your sanity. At the beginning of every day, week, and month get clear on what you need to accomplish to make everyday a success. When you feel like you accomplished something at the end of the day you will be more likely to continue those habits and be motivated to succeed again. Schedule time for classes, set aside time for homework (don’t do homework in your easier classes!), make sure you have social time and even “me” time. Scheduling your day to the hour may seem restricting, but really it is liberating! You will have peace of mind because you know you have time set aside for that pesky assignment later and you can enjoy your lunch with friends in the now.

Make a Vision Board

If you haven’t already heard of the law of attraction, it’s about time you have. A vision board can be personalized and mean anything. Take a poster board, a cork board, or just tape things to your walls and start using your imagination! Creating one is easy, print or cut out pictures and symbols of the things you want to accomplish, have, or aspire to be. It’s purpose is to create a positive space that you can look at everyday to remind you to stay motivated. Add your short term and long term goals so that you can visualise your success and wake up hungry for it everyday.

Find a Support Network

Nothing is easy to do alone! And why would you want to? Life is much more enriching and fun with people around you whom you enjoy and who support you. A network can be your personal friends, teachers, tutors, social media, and even websites like Studypool. Our tutors are wonderful! They log on everyday just for you and want to answer your questions, or they wouldn’t be here. Use your networking skills to your advantage. Create relationships that will benefit you in the long run.

Plan Your Vacation!

All you can think about is Spring Break; so take advantage of that! Start planning your vacation now so that you know you have something to reward yourself with and look forward to. Go ahead and create a vision board about it! Its an absolute must to reward yourself for all your hard work and motivation you continued to muster up all year. So treat yourself!

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