A hospital management system is designed to manage all the operations of a hospital medical process in which an assessment of the economic type cost-benefit analysis determines a body’s regulation of its physiology and health. It is an essential building block for strengthening a health system. It is a data collection system that is specifically designed to assist in planning, decision making, management in healthcare facilities and organizations.

Hospital management systems (HIS) integrate healthcare solutions such as pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, online application scheduling, accounting, patient and family portals as opposed to traditional hospital management which included a paper-based information processing, mobile data acquisition, and presentation. It is an element of health informatics which mainly focuses on the administration needs of hospitals.

A good HIS consist of various departments built in and integrated which include:

Nursing Information Systems

  • Also referred to as NIS is a computer-based information system designed to help in the provision of better patient care by nurses.

Physician Information Systems (PIS)

  • These are systems recommended by the government which are aimed to improve the practice of physicians.

Radiology Information System (RIS)

  • Are popular information systems used for their ability to provide radiology billing services, appointment scheduling as well as reporting and patient database storage.

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

  • It is a system dedicated for registration, billing, contract management, accounts receivables, work list, processing and reporting, quality control, barcode – generation, printing, and reading


Cardiology Information System (CIS)

  • It is a system with Ready HL7 interface or bundled with PACS and In-built Interface to tally.

Pharmacy Information Systems

  • It is a system designed to address the demands of a pharmacy department and help pharmacists monitor how the medication is used in the hospital.

Material Management System (MMS)

  • It is a system used for Item master maintenance – medical and non-medical

Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

  • Is a standalone and XML-based interface to integrate with any health information system

The above systems are beneficial to hospitals and healthcare facilities as they enable easy access to doctors’ data including classifications that are based on either gender or age. It is also beneficial as a decision support system for hospital authorities in coming up with full health care policies.

Hospital information systems help in the monitoring of drug usage and their study leading to the reduction of adverse drug interactions while promoting more appropriate pharmaceutical utilization.

Some of the best hospital management system software’s include the ALTEN Calsoft Labs management system whose work is to integrate ERP encompassing the clinical, financial and supporting applications that are required for the successful running of a hospital.

Some of the key features of the software include HL-7 interfaces across all modules that facilitate standard conformance in the organization. The software offers centralized information with the unified flow of the data to the payer modules.

It streamlines office processes thus reducing patient waiting time and improve efficiency thus reducing administrative information asymmetry across all hospital information systems.

Practo is another example of a top management system which is designed in assisting millions of patients in finding and booking appointments with thousands of health providers and physicians.

Adroit is another top hospital management software which is designed to manage all hospital operations. Some of the features of the hospital system tool include a customizable hospital management system providing integration solution to healthcare solutions to include Outpatient and Inpatient Management as well as other departments like pharmacy or radiology.

There is free hospital management software like the OpenMRS that has been around since the year 2004. Its users comprise a number of government and healthcare agencies who use it in their daily operations.

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