What are your priorities, in order, upon arrival?

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Independent Study Assignment

Incident Management and Leadership

Use the Incident Command Principles learned in Assignment 1 to manage the following Scenario:

It is a hot and humid night on July 30, 2016. The time is 4:30 AM. Without warning, a fully loaded tank truck carrying 5,000 gallons of propane veers off Interstate 95 and overturns in close proximity to a fully occupied nursing home. The home, houses 125 residents and 15 on duty night staff people. The truck driver, who fell asleep behind the wheel is critically injured and trapped inside the cab of the truck. Liquid propane, which is compressed and stored in a liquiedfied state inside the tank truck, is flowing out of the top hatches of the tank. Fortunately, the flowing product, which vaporizes into a gas when released into the atmosphere, has not ignited just yet. Unfortunately, the prevaling winds, blowing southerly at 12 MPH, are taking the gaseous, vapor cloud from the released propane, directly into the path of the Shady Rest Nursing Home. In addition, the overturned truck lies at the top of a hill and flowing liquid propane is flowing downhill, entering sewer catch basins along the way. The chemical property of propane dictates that it is heavier than air and does not harmlessly dissapate into the atmosphere when released from its container. The product remains on street level and seeks out depressions until it encounters below grade areas such as basements and cellar, which usually contain oil burners, water and gas heaters, which have open flames.

LPG. (liquified petroleum gas), as it is also known, ls explosive in the presence of any ignition source and the amount of leaking product is enough to level a number of buildings, including the Shady Rest. This is a very serious, life threatening, crisis, which requires decisive action.

According to the Incident Command Manual, you, as ranking officer on the scene, are the Incident Commander. Answer the following questions, of this ice breakng, scenario, using whatever you know and what you can find via research. I will allow wide latitude due to your relative inexperience in this field. I am just trying to see how you handle a multitude of problems, under than less than perfect, conditions.

What are your priorities, in order, upon arrival? Talk about the life of the truck driver, who is trapped inside the cab, the people inside the nursing home and other houses in the area. Do you evacuate the Shady Rest, or keep the people in place. The leaking propane is a time bomb waiting to detonate.
The clock is ticking and you are required to bring this situation to a safe and successful conclusion. Good luck Incident Commanders

Don’t get too caught up in the complexity of the situation, as I understand you are not experts in this regard. I am just interested in your ability to deal with a multi-faceted situation and how you prioritize the process of dealing with the emergency to a successful conclusion.

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