What College is Right for You?

1. State schools

Generally speaking state schools are large and have large sports teams and are cheaper if you live in the state that the school is located in. Many of the schools activities revolve around the sports teams (football, basketball, etc.) as well as Greek life. If you want a large football team or if you want to join Greek life then the social scene of a large state school is good for you. State schools offer a variety of  majors, some schools will offer better education than others at certain majors so check to see what the top majors are before you apply.

EX. University of Texas, Florida State

2. Liberal Arts

Liberal arts schools are small with around 1000 – 4000 students and are fairly expensive. Many of the activities in the school are done by clubs and some schools have a good sports following. Some of the schools have Greek life but it is not that common or a large part of the social scene. The schools usually have a certain focus in English, Writing, Philosophy and some even focus in Science and Economics.

EX. Occidental, Tufts

3. Private Religious Schools

Private religious schools are not much different than a state school except they are smaller than a state school. Many of the schools have a large sports following as well as they generally have a large Greek life population. Many of these schools have great degrees in business, science and political science. One thing to be aware of is many of the schools will require mandatory attendance at church and will check your ID cards to make sure you go. However there are christian schools that don’t require any sort or religious teachings or attendance at church.

EX. Baylor, Pepperdine, BYU

These are just a few of the many options for college. There are many different types of schools that are a combination of these. Just remember to go and visit the school before you make a decision because when you pick you have to remember that you will be there for 4 years!

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