The important role of a nursing admission essay demands that you consider various things to make it impress the admission board and meet the school’s application requirements. Nursing school positions are very competitive. The demand for nurses, availability of more career options is gradually increasing the competitiveness of training slots. For this reason, it is essential to plan an admission essay to allow effective writing. A nursing admission essay could be the reason why you admissions committee will accept your application and reject the other applicant.

When planning your admission essay writing, it is essential to consider these things that will help you to meet expectations of admission board.


Many nursing schools may have similar requirements for the application process, but you should not assume that each one has the same guidelines. Some have different needs have strict specific conditions that are very different from others. It is one of the reasons for putting an effort and planning into the essay to ensure writing according to specifications and increasing rate of success.

When you get you get a request to write an admission essay, check if there is an outline of requirements that students must meet within their application. Some schools even provide a specific topic or a question for the students to write. Others ask students to define their topic within a particular word count and probably write a different topic essay.


Length is critical as many members of admission committee begin by checking the word limits. Some admissions committee assigns the number of words depending on the question or topic they want applicants to cover. If you write an admission essay that is too short, the admission officers could reject it because it seems as if you do not know what to write. Writing extra words is no good. They can invalidate your application if it too long or read up to the word limit and disregard additional words.

Other school does not provide a specific count. You may have the freedom to write in your approach, but you should be concise. It is hard for anyone to tell an entire life story in the word count hence it is essential to identify two or three critical issues that you can express within the confines. Even if you had the allowance to write more, admission committee gets hundreds of applications and do not have time to read long essays. Writing about all the details about the experience in high school will overwhelm the reader. The safe thing is to focus on particular illustrative issues that can summarize your life. Confine your writing to a topic that describes how your character fits nursing, your qualification, a reason for interest in the program and what it will help you to achieve.


Nursing programs usually have their needs in addition to the requisites by the overall school. Make sure that you meet both. What you write maybe what interviewers will ask you to discuss if the admission staff recommend you to attend an interview. Write about things that help in shaping what interviewers will ask you especially if the question and answer session terrifies you. Begin with something you confidently talk about so that it helps to break the ice at the beginning of the interview.


You can use an admission essay to boost an application by making up for the low grade in one of the categories or when your test scores are not satisfactory. Use an admission essay as the platform to provide answers to admission counselors on the reason for lower test scores than when they expected of you. Provide an honest and comprehensive explanation. If you satisfy the admissions committee, it could consider granting you admission.


Many students with same qualifications apply for the same nursing program. An admission essay helps in setting you apart from other applicants be showing other non educational abilities, experiences, and interests. Make a strong case for why you will make a good student and professional.

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