Private nursing is the care of patients or clients by registered and licensed nurses. Most of them work provide private duty care which is usually provided in the client’s home or an institution such as nursing homes or hospital.

Private nursing services normally accept payment from either managed care organizations, Medicare or Medicaid and private insurance companies. Most of the private nurses are self-employed while various nursing homes contract others. Many of these services that are provided for by the nurses can also be serviced by unlicensed assistive personnel such as nursing assistants, sitters or by individuals with other titles. Unlicensed assistive personnel, however, do not provide skilled nursing care but often help with hygiene and housekeeping tasks for the clients.

So, what is the job description played by private nurses?

Private nurses are known to offer specialized services to their patients regardless of the age. Their main aim is to restore their independence enabling them to live active and save lives. Nursing is a wide field in which when studied can have posted in various settings and locations. Some are posted in clinics, others at private nursing facilities whereas the rest in hospitals and even military settings.

Private nurses provide a variety of services to patients which include companionship and bathing. Most of them are licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants, and professional registered nurses. The kind of job they undertake greatly depends on the type of specialty chosen when in nursing schools. Some of the services that they are expected to provide include taking care of patients that have traumatic brain injury, require hospice care, catastrophic injury cases, spinal code injury care, etc. apart from the listed examples above, private nurses also provide such as cooking for their patients, cleaning those who cannot do it for themselves, monitoring medical status changes of patients and providing other activities for their patients on a daily basis.

The field of nursing is very promising as the job outlook is positive since the demand for their skillsets and services is rapidly growing with an expectation of an increase by twenty percent in various positions in the next ten years. The rise in demand is contributed by the expensive increase in daily care in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Private nurses make it easy for the patients loved ones to visit them conveniently. The highly skilled individuals offer quality medical care in their areas of residence other than hospitals helping the patients in strengthening and regaining their health.

A private nurse earns good wages due to their skills and the wages they receive monthly or annually. Many of them earn salary ranges of in between the range of $30,977 and $85,701. The annual median salary paid to the private nurses is $69,347 which depend with the geographical locations, education level and certification or the type of employers. Those with advanced degrees and experience make higher wages if they have an advanced degree and have gained substantial experience to warrant their wage. Some of the best states to strive as a private nurse include in Houston, Texas, Miami, New York, Phoenix, Arizona and North Carolina.

Private nursing is a type of nursing modality where care is organized and delivered to patients which involves arranging staff members and the assigning of patients. a lot of considerations are taken into perspectives such as caring for the patients and the tasks required and the number of nurses needed for completion.

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