What is your timeline/schedule for your project?

Unit Discussion 2

For each question answers please explain them further. This is just for your information: My clinical practice setting is in VETERANS MEMORIAL HOME – MENLO PARK located at 132 Evergreen Road, P.O. Box 3013, Edison, New Jersey 08818-3013. This is a nursing home for war veterans and their family and the specialty is geriatrics. My topic for my EBP will be “Falls in the nursing home”. I will also upload addition reference from my book. I will upload my previous discussions and my evidence based project, PLEASE CORRELATE YOUR ANSWER TO PREVIOUS DISCUSSIONS. I will also upload my Evidence Based Project and My Practicum Documentation. HERE ARE THE QUESTIONS FOR THIS DISCUSSION. Building on work done in the clinical practicum setting this week, and looking toward work with the EBP, address these questions:

1 What is your timeline/schedule for your project?
2 What key personnel (including a change champion) are needed?
3 What supplies are needed (e.g., technology, marketing materials, etc.)?
4 What areas are included for your budget? What is the approximate cost of the entire project?
5 How do items 1-4 above tie directly to the project goals?

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