Where to search for an Internship

1. Search companies you like

Every company has a careers button at the bottom of the page. Some of them have listing of posistions and even internships in the area that you are studying! If they don’y have any internship options on that page you can even go as far as to email someone in HR and they can send you in the right direction. This also a great option if you are really passionate about a brand or company because it gives you the opportunity to work for them!

2. Job Fairs

Most universities host job fairs where many of the large companies in the surrounding areas will send recruiters. This is a great option for people who want to get directly in front of the people who will be hiring them as well as they come right to your door!

3. Angel.co

For those looking into working for a start up Angel.co or Angellist as many call it is a great option. You can search by start ups in your area and then narrow it down to the field you want to work in, by industry or even by open positions. I know many people who have gotten internships through angellist.

4. Network

Everyone has a network. Even if you don’t know anyone in your space you probably know someone who can connect you to someone. Your parents, your friends, even your friends parents are great options to talk to in order to find an internship or have them connect you to someone who may help you. Make use of your resources!


No matter what route you choose you need to put in the time, create a good resume, and keep applying to you land a posistion! Best of luck on the hunt!

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