expectation is widely sorted through colleges or universities after completion of their studies. One of the greatest characteristics of undertaking this profession is in the possibility of working in different fields and settings. Nurses are known as caregivers as they often work directly or indirectly with each interdisciplinary to offering the best available medication to sick patients.

Nurses are always constantly up their feet since the nursing field requires serious determination both mentally and physically. They constantly move with high pace without forgetting the need to bond with patients and families of loved ones. There are various settings where nurses can work in which include hospitals, care facilities, nursing homes, clinics, physician’s offices, nursing homes and even in a military setting.

To become a good nurse, one must have ethics since it’s a fundamental attribute in every organization. It is immoral for nurses to disrespect their patients since they are required to create a connection that focuses on mutual trust and respect between patients and the rest of the staff members thereby creating a favorable environment. Some of the nursing work that they undertake involve carrying out checkups, administering medicine and doing any other work that may be assigned by the medical facility. Patients often entrust their lives and dignity making it one’s responsibility in guarding their privacy and concerns thereby determining the best kind of care that they are to receive.

Provision of quality care is an essential requirement in many facilities and nurses strive to offer that since they work and collaborate with many of their colleagues and staff members. It is their responsibility to maintain a high level of professional competency through advancing their education, therefore, some of the professional ethics include the promotion of health, alleviating suffering and preventing diseases.

Nurses operate under a code of ethics which states that nurses have a responsibility to provide care to parents as well as their families. More emphasis lies on patient care since it goes beyond an individual. It is vital to inform the family, community, or business associates about the treatment of a patient and its progress and sharing patient information should only occur when it is appropriate and within patient privacy laws.

It is also a nursing responsibility for nurses to report any immoral behavior depicted by other professionals. Informing their staff leader of such behaviors that some of their colleagues are doing such as carrying out illegal activities or demonstrating incompetence displays professionalism. Additionally, nurses should intervene if they encounter patients who are victims of sexual, domestic, child or elder abuse and as such, cases like this must be reported together with infectious diseases such as Ebola.

Professional nursing ethics requires nurses to balance the requirements of the healthcare systems that they work in and the needs of their patients. Some of the activities that they require to do include advocating ethical nursing practices, honoring and supporting the right of all their patients. Professional nurses are also required to educate their peers more so the nursing students and the public regarding information on ethics.

Understanding some of the factors that influence competency in healthcare settings. Nurses have fundamental responsibilities i.e. preventing illnesses, promoting health, restoring health and alleviating suffering. Nurses should, therefore, practice compassion and respect for the dignity and uniqueness of every individual that is not restricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes or the nature of health problems. They should strive to protect the health, safety, and rights of a patient.

Nurses are responsible and accountable for individual nursing practices thereby determining the appropriate method to deliver tasks that are consistent with their goal of providing quality health care that is equal regardless of the patient status. The delegation of work to other team members need to be done with a high level of trust and respect between each party, however, responsibility lies with the registered nurse.

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